Adriatik Doçi talks about the interceptions: They are attacks by Ahmetaj and Kryemadhi. His colleagues also react!

2023-03-23 20:37:03Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Monika Kryemadhi, Adriatik Doci and Arben Ahmetaj

Some portals circulated this Friday some interceptions, where it was claimed that the investigative journalist Adriatik Doçi was instructing an interlocutor on how to fine businesses or individuals.

Regarding these interceptions, the journalist himself reacted by calling them attacks and listing three reasons why he is being attacked.

As the first reason, Adriatik Doçi lists the criminal report in SPAK against Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi, secondly the criminal report that is leading Arben Ahmetaj to prison, and thirdly that he is part of a media that contributed to convince DASH to announce non grata Sali Berisha.

The attack comes after I have received new facts about assets worth millions of euros that Arben Ahmetaj has hidden in the name of his sister Brunilda Mene and brother-in-law Leonard Mene, assets that they are in a hurry to sell to save them from seizure . Other criminal data will go to SPAK for money laundering by Monika Kryemadhi abroad', says Doçi in his reaction.

Doçi declares that unlike the managers of the portals who are attacking him, he has no real estate.

'I have zero real estate. Zero. Take a look at what assets Elvi Fundo, Naim Nola, Çim Peku, Anila Basha, etc. have, and with what money they have created them', says the journalist.

Other journalists have come to his defense. Habjon Hasani from Hashtag describes the audio recording as a lynching campaign against Adriatik Doçi. Hasani writes that he warned Doçi that from the moment he filed a complaint against Arben Ahmetaj, he had become part of a bigger game.

"Recently, I told him that since the day you filed the complaint with SPAK about Ahmetaj, you can no longer be who you were before that day. You are in a different game now, either you win a lot or you lose a lot', Hasani declares.

According to him, the audio recording aims to divert attention from the report and evidence made public by Doçi against Ahmetaj.

That report was the tip-off that revealed a much bigger and deeper game, blew up the 3-year-old narrative of the incinerators. Even if Bin Laden had made that allegation, as long as the allegation documents are authentic, that allegation and that line of inquiry is incredibly important. This, so as not to confuse the eavesdropped semi-romantic conversations of Tik in coffee with finely calculated schemes by the government and invisible interest groups', says journalist Habjon Hasani.