The double standards of SPAK/ For sterilization, the names are given with initials, for the others they have not left their names unpublished

2023-08-17 16:44:32Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Note- The Special Prosecution Against Corruption and Organized Crime has today issued measures for the eight people involved in the sterilization concession tender, which has so far led to the imprisonment of the former Deputy Minister of Health, Klodjan Rjepaj, the businessman who received 100 million euros , Ilir Rrapaj, as well as giving the measures for six other officials.

But while many raised questions as to why the name of Ilir Beqjas, the Minister of Health who signed this concession and a close friend of businessman Ilir Rrapaj, was missing, another double standard comes from SPAK.

In the official announcement regarding the 8 security measures issued by GJKKO for former officials, SPAK mentioned the names of the eight accused only with initials, while the charges were "abuse of duty" and "forgery of documents."

The double standard states that for each notification, SPAK has given the names of the accused in full and not with initials as happened for the accused of the sterilization concession.

It is enough to take a look at SPAK's announcements on their website and in all the announcements the names of the accused are complete, from the announcement on the confiscation of the Tirana incinerator, the file of the former mayor of Fusha Arres to the accused of organized crime.

In fact, SPAK had two official announcements today, of the sterilization concession and the sending for trial of three employees of the municipality of Shkodër and the former director of the water supply of this city accused of "active corruption in elections".

Ironically, SPAK published the names of the latter in full.

In this way, SPAK is showing once again, as it has been accused by many factors, that it acts with two standards.

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