The nuclear power plant, the order for non-paying tourists in Berat, Rama reveals spicy details from Meloni's visit: Giorgia is a friend

2023-08-18 11:35:45Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Rama and Meloni

The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, will return to Tirana again in October, as one of the European leaders who pushed the Berlin Process forward the most and has a decisive role in the integration of the region. This is what the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, has announced, who in an interview with the Italian media "La Stampa", has evaluated his counterpart to the maximum for her role as a politician with weight within the European Union.

Rama has also revealed the most spicy moments of the four-day tourist visit that Meloni made in Vlora.

Rama's interview for La Stampa

"Giorgia is incredible. We can say that a friendship was born. But above all, that she is a concrete politician, there is no fascist danger at all".

Prime Minister Meloni's four-day vacation in Albania ends with strong hugs with Prime Minister Edi Rama, who received her at the government villa and with 'anger'.

She left yesterday at 23:00 on the Prince ferry to Brindisi: an entire floor of the ship was reserved for her, her family and staff.

Security, waiters, motorboat, very private tour. Can you tell us something about Melon's vacation?

"Giorgia wanted to rest, I waited for her at the port on Monday, I didn't even get out of the car and took her to my apartment. I left it there. Afterwards, we had a dinner with him and my family."

You, and Tony Blair too, confirm?

"No. He wasn't there! I have seen a lot of fantasy about this and more - like that she did not come by ferry, but by a luxury yacht, or that she came for a nuclear power plant -, I'm sorry, but Blair left the morning of her arrival" .

Did you take it on the Albanian beaches?

"She hasn't moved since Monday. Just one day, by motorboat, to go to the opposite beach, in the Gulf of Vlora. And yesterday, when I took him to the city, by the sea. Many Italian tourists took selfies, shouting "great president". I told him that if consent was measured by Albanian acceptance, it would be 100%. It doesn't happen to me. She replied that I have been in power for 10 years, she for 10 months. But there's another episode where I thought, "She's a giant."

And which one?

"Albanian media and TikTok only talked about a group of Italians who escaped from a restaurant in Berat without paying. When I told Giorgia, everyone laughed.

She shouted and ordered the ambassador: “Go and pay the bill for these fools, please, and make a statement! Italy cannot lose respect like this".

Between one coffee and another, what files are you dealing with?

"We talked for a long time about international relations. And of European integration, which you define as reunification".

Are you talking about the entry of the Western Balkans into the EU?

"Yes, Giorgia thinks it's time to get to the point, without making us pull ourselves together to live."

In economic terms, has it convinced you to make investments?

"There are so many things we have waiting. Soon, the Strategic Committee for Italian Investments, created with Di Maio, will meet for the second time.

We talked about the water pipeline project, which Andreotti and Berlusconi already wanted, from Albania to Puglia. That would be important. It is about using the resources in South Albania to connect them with Italy.

Then, there is the management of the railway network in the Balkans, which must be developed.

Finally, technology: major Italian companies have shown interest in the past. And the electric line project that will connect Italy with Albania. She is someone who can move things, I have a lot of faith."

All this harmony contradicts your political ideas: it does not belong to the family of the left. Meloni is right-wing, nationalist. What are you with?

"Listen, right and left are pretentious categories, good for arguments. We're not in the 1900s anymore. I'm kind of a leftist, for the third way of Clinton, Blair, Schroder.

She is right-wing, but they said she was a fascist monster who would march on Brussels. On the contrary, from the first day he has not been wrong in the line of international politics".

When will you meet again?

"If you invite me, I will come tomorrow. You will come to Tirana in October for the summit of the Berlin process. I will welcome you with open arms.”