FIGURES/ Is there oil smuggling in Albania?

2022-11-15 13:47:07Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Is Albania importing contraband oil ? It is a question which recently is finding an answer by calculating the data of the oil that enters Albania, how many cars there are and the number of the population.

The figures are disturbing, the doubts are also great, asserting that large amounts of contraband oil are imported into Albania, they are huge.

VoxNews with a simple search has noticed that Albania, although a larger country than Kosovo and North Macedonia, imports less declared oil. According to the following figures, last year Albania imported 461,754 tons of fuel, where the number of cars is estimated to be 711,000.

North Macedonia imported in 2021, 861 tons of fuel, while the number of cars is more than 500 thousand vehicles with a population of 2 million inhabitants. Kosovo , with a population of 1.9 million, has imported 488,000 tons, while the number of vehicles is 397,000.

The table below

FIGURES/ Is there oil smuggling in Albania?

So Albania does not meet the demand for oil compared to our neighbors like Kosovo and North Macedonia. The comparison made above raises the question that in Albania the rest of the oil is smuggled.

In just two police operations, more than 700,000 liters of oil were seized, calculating the tax of 1 euro for one liter of oil in Albania, which means that with 700,000 liters of smuggled oil, 700,000 euros in taxes were avoided. But how much oil has passed without being caught by the police and how many thousands of euros in taxes has the Albanian state lost./ VoxNews