The "Cheti Board" lowers the price of oil and gasoline a day before the protest

2022-11-11 15:37:19Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Shefqet Kastrati

The Transparency Board has reduced fuel prices a day before the protest announced by the opposition in front of the Prime Minister's Office.

Starting at 18:00 today, oil will be sold retail at 227 ALL/liter from 232 ALL that was sold before, while it will be sold wholesale at 215 ALL/liter.

Meanwhile, gasoline will be sold at 210 ALL/liter from 212 ALL that was sold before, while wholesale will be sold at 198 ALL/liter.

The price of gas has remained unchanged, which will be sold at 74 ALL/liter retail and 62 ALL/liter wholesale for vehicles. The price of gas for fishing is set at 133 lek/liter.

The prices set by the Board will come into force today, November 11, at 18.00, and will be valid until the next meeting of the Board, where the changes in sales prices will be reflected.