Thanks to the "Cheti Board", Albania set a local record for the price of oil, a liter is bought 45 lek more expensive than in neighboring countries

2022-11-05 16:00:05Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Businessman Shefqet Kastrati

The Transparency Board for fuel prices in the Republic of Albania, after a silence of almost 3 weeks, finally met and after two consecutive meetings, the current prices fixed by it are as follows: A liter of diesel today in Albania costs 232 Lek, gasoline goes up to 242 and the liter of gas is traded for 74 ALL/liter.

"Today I'm moving the car because I'm taking my mother to the hospital, and with these prices, 232 lek diesel, we're only taking the car out for trouble." The board forgot to meet, but even when they got together, we were very tired that they lowered the oil price by a few lek. Better to keep it as it was, because nothing changes.

I have the car, but I don't move it at all. The prices are sky high, so I use a bike, motorbike. Only when I leave Tirana do I take the car. Even the most developed countries have less oil and gasoline. Long live the reason for us. We only know how to raise prices, lower them, it's out of the question. "- the citizens said about Tch.

Fuel prices in countries neighboring us, where the standard of living is similar, are much lower than in Albania. In Kosovo today, oil costs 199 Lek per liter, while gasoline is still cheaper, 169 Lek per liter. Another record is in North Macedonia, where oil costs 184 lek per liter and gasoline costs less, 175 lek/liter.

While in Greece today, a liter of diesel is sold at an average of 232 lek per liter, the same as in Albania. While the costs in Greece are much higher than in Albania, from taxes to labor. Meanwhile, Albanians will continue to buy oil as expensive as the rich Luxembourgers of Europe.