Tourism (outbound) is strengthening the axis between Apulia and Albania

2022-10-31 21:06:00Biznes SHKRUAR NGA VITO FATIGUSO

In the heart of Tirana there is a frenetic movement of cars, people and tourists. But also of construction sites with multi-story buildings, squares and two-lane roads and greenery. On the other side of the Adriatic, Albania plays a key role in the development of the tourism sector throughout the Balkans. The city of Puglia has returned as an important partner.

Piero Innocenti, head of the union of tourist agencies in the area of ??Bari, Italy, tells Corriere that the "return" to Albania promises a lot. "Many things have changed in three years and Albania is already filled with luxury skyscrapers and avant-garde resorts, especially on the shores of the city of Vlora. Why are we working with Albania? Because it is a very favorite destination for tourists and promises a lot for the future. And our region cannot be absent, knowing that there is also a flow of incoming tourism to satisfy", said Innocenti.

In the next three years, the revolution will take place in Vlora, where the construction of another airport is planned. "Compared to 2019, the number of Italians who have chosen Albania for vacation has increased by 30%. Suffice it to say that 30 more hotels have been inaugurated in Vlora compared to three years ago, including five five-star hotels. The coast is full of modern clubs and there will be further major investments in the coming years. The same applies to Golem, which is a wonderful coastal resort south of Durrës", says Michele Viola, the Italian Goodays tour operator.

Albanian Instat informs that last July 1.4 million tourists came from abroad (21.1% increase compared to July 2021) and the increase in the first 7 months of 2022 is 39% compared to the same period last year. On the other hand, from the port of Bari in the summer there has been a staggering increase in ferry connections to Albania. "It has been a very positive season - explains Federico Berto, manager of Grandi Navi Veloci, "and the prospects for 2023 are encouraging".

There is no time to waste. Antonio Decaro, the mayor of Bar, says that he will bring back the giant fairs in Tirana, a move that has also been supported by Confindustria Albania, directed by Sergio Fontana. "We are also ready - concludes Innocenti - because we are convinced that it is necessary to nurture economic and cultural exchanges between increasingly close communities."/ Corriere della Sera