The board of Ceti changes the price of oil in the country, how much it will be sold

2022-11-01 09:51:23Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The Transparency Board decided today the slight reduction in fuel prices. According to the latest decision, oil has decreased by 4 Lek per liter and from today it will be sold at 236 Lek per liter.

The price of gasoline is also decreasing, which will be sold at 196 lek per liter, from the 203 it was until now. Gas will be sold at 77 Lek per liter.

Although in Bursa oil has been in a downward trend for several weeks, going down to the levels before Russia's attacks on Ukraine, in the local market fuel continues to be close to the maximum prices, which reached up to 265 ALL per liter in March./ Monitor