The "Cheti Board" slightly lowers the price of oil in the middle of the opposition's protest

2022-11-12 17:43:23Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The "Board of Ceti" slightly lowers the price of oil

And while the protest is taking place in front of the government headquarters, the Transparency Board, now known as the "Cheti Board", has slightly reduced the price of oil.

Oil has decreased by 4 lek, gasoline by 1 lek, while the price of gas has not changed.

Respectively, the prices are:

Diesel: 223 ALL/liter

Gasoline: 209 ALL/liter

Gas: 74 ALL/liter

The prices set by the Board will come into force on November 13, 12:00, and will be valid until the next meeting of the board where the changes in the sales prices will be reflected.