Fuel prices in the countries of the region, Macedonia and Kosovo are the cheapest, Albania the most expensive

2023-09-28 08:06:07Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The prices of derivatives in Kosovo are increasing from time to time. Currently, in most gas stations in Kosovo, gas is sold at 1.49 cents and 1.48 cents.

While in some countries oil is being sold at 1.58 cents. According to the Association of Oil Workers, this is normal in a free market, as Kosovo has.

"The market is free, we are the smallest country in the world with the most gas stations. We are 1.8 million inhabitants, we have 800 gas stations, where the citizen can choose where to get supplies cheaper and better".

Currently, the prices of derivatives in Kosovo are approximately 1.60 cents.

"Regarding prices today in Kosovo, oil costs approximately 1.49 cents to 1.55 cents, gasoline 1.48 cents to 1.52 cents", he said.

Kosovo - Oil 1.49 cents Gasoline 1.48 cents

Albania - Oil 1.93 cents Gasoline 1.91 cents

Serbia – Oil 1.69 cents Gasoline 1.76 cents

Montenegro – Diesel 1.59 cents Gasoline 1.63 cents

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Oil 1.50 cents Gasoline 1.49 cents

Croatia - Oil 1.59 cents Gasoline 1.60 cents

Slovenia – Diesel 1.66 cents Petrol 1.65 cents

North Macedonia - Oil 1.35 cents Gasoline 1.42 cents.

The Association of Oil Producers indicates that the price of derivatives is determined by the Stock Exchange and the production organization OPEC, and that for the prices in the coming days, what prices we will have can not be predicted because from time to time there is great movement in international markets and the Stock Exchange .

Meanwhile, from the Ministry of Trade, they said that they are analyzing the prices of derivatives, and that depending on the situation, there may be some new decision about this.

"The decision of MINT was in force from 03/08/2023 - 03/09/2023, since on the basis of an analysis in the market it was determined that there was an unreasonable movement of the prices of derivatives in the market;

During the period when the Decision was in force, the Market Inspectorate in cooperation with the TAK Inspectorate carried out 30 inspections where the supply prices were analyzed and the commercial margin was calculated;

From a total of 30 inspections, it was found that 14 economic operators did not respect the MINT's decision to adjust the price of oil products;

Against all the aforementioned entities, which have not respected the commercial margin determined by the Decision, a case has been initiated in the Basic Court and meritorious punishments are expected to be imposed;

We are currently analyzing the price movements again and over the next few days it will be determined whether it is reasonable to have a new decision.

It is worth noting that the price of supply has increased significantly, however this should in no way be misused by economic operators to increase prices not proportional to the price of supply".

After the continuous increase by the companies, the Ministry of Industry had taken various decisions on the prices of derivatives, also setting a daily ceiling price./ monitor