Due to be completed in 2005, OWNERS compensation is delayed beyond 2030

2023-09-25 08:43:22Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

While it was supposed to end in 2025, the process of property restitution and compensation will at least go beyond 2030. In the document Priority Policy Measures in the field of the rule of law, issued for public consultation, the Ministry of Justice postpones until end of 2030 some of the most important components related to this process.

"The gradual provision of appropriate financial support for the transitional process of property compensation within the year 2030", the Ministry of Justice states in the document. "Substantial progress in transitional ownership processes by 2030," states one of the document's other determinations.

This means that the process will go much further than 2025, according to the provisions of the new law on the treatment of property entered into force in 2015.

Currently, the number of files waiting for compensation is about 26 thousand. But since 2015, very few of them have been compensated through the formula of conditional compensation, which provides for giving up up to 80% of the amount in order to receive the remaining part immediately. ATP informs that from 2016 until the end of last year, there are a total of 269 entities that have agreed to give up most of the compensation in exchange for receiving it out of turn.

In total, about 1.7 billion Lek, or nearly 17 million dollars, were paid in installments to these subjects. It is worth mentioning that ATP reports that in 2022 it has saved the budget more than 6.8 billion lek, or almost 68 million dollars through this formula.

It can be said that the process of compensating the owners did not work in the last 7 years, while for two years it was completely blocked due to the suspension of two articles of the new property law by the Constitutional Court.