"Construction has a terrible profit", the well-known urban planner warns: Very soon we will be caught by the crisis that...

2023-09-17 09:15:43Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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The topic of discussion on a TV show was the increase in reference prices for housing that will be accompanied by an increase in prices in the real estate market.

Urban planner Gent Kaprata, invited to the studio, stated that the construction industry is the biggest contributor to the Albanian economy, because the profits are very large and it has spread quite widely.

But he described this sector of the economy as not safe, as he said that the crisis of 2018 in the USA will be repeated in Albania.

" The biggest contributor to the economy is the construction industry, since we don't have another economic model. You told him why there is so much profit. There is no great profit but it is terrible. It cannot be calculated that it is hundreds of percent. Because if you go to buy the palace that is being built, it is built with your money. How will you calculate the profit? Having no other economic model, everyone invests in construction. I do not believe that investments in the field of construction are safe. I believe that very soon the crisis of 2018 in the USA will also happen in Albania" , said Karpata.