FinTech in Albania, a success of Credins bank and UET

2023-09-12 18:04:24Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The banking industry is already one of the most prestigious and important industries for development, social welfare in the country's economy. Considered as one of the most important employers in terms of working conditions, career development opportunities, today this industry is also considered quite popular in our country. One of the banks that today is a model of employment as well as professional development, is Credins bank. A bank that every day sees an absolute increase in its image due to the large investments it has made in its entire infrastructure in human resources, the creation of working conditions, the additional benefits it offers, etc. Another reason that ranks Credins as a successful institution is the implementation and development of internships (teaching practice),

Innovative projects are another step taken by Credins, as was the case with the launch of the FinTech master's program last year. The study program that is offered by the most famous universities in the world, came for the first time in Albania as a collaboration with one of the best universities today, the European University of Tirana. Seeing that investments in technology in the improvement of hardware and software are already a priority in the banking industry, this cooperation was seen as an alternative at the right time. At Credins, information technology, as well as the integration of finance & technology, is a continuous process that is updated with new trends. This is one of the reasons why the FinTech master program came as a necessity to find and discover new talents who love this field which, brings a lot of dynamics to the whole of its process. A professional master's program in the field of "Applied Information Technology in Finance", the purpose of which is to train current and potential future employees in the field of the latest technology in information systems.

Thanks to the highly advanced curricula, which are related to the European standard, Albanian students have the opportunity to enrich their knowledge in areas such as: IT, E-Banking, Cyber ??Security, Engineering Software, Data Integration and even specific financial subjects closely related to the banking system. At the end of the entire learning cycle, students will have acquired in-depth knowledge on the maintenance of information systems, design and develop them. They will be able to manage databases and computer networks, software engineering, and above all they will expand their knowledge of the banking sector. A highly qualified teaching staff of UET, whose teaching programs and methodology provide in-depth knowledge, make FinTech already a very popular branch. Considered a highly valued field all over the world, this program comes to students as an opportunity to develop their careers at a very professional level. The importance of this master's program, whose duration is 2 years, also lies in the very flexible and facilitating financial advantages it offers. Scholarship 50% of the annual payment for each year of the master, which is covered by Credins bank. Internship paid by the bank, for a minimum of 6 months in each year. In this sense, in addition to their teaching practice, the students with the highest performance will also have the opportunity to be paid, a rewarding and motivating practice for Credins bank. Many students who have completed this study program are now part of the Credins team. Students also benefit from training and qualification certificates in areas such as: effective communication, conflict and problem solving, time management, project management, etc., which are offered by the bank with the best mentors. Online trainings on the Credins LMS (Learning Management System) platform are some of the alternative options that the bank offers. Today, Credins is ranked as one of the prestigious institutions that, in addition to career development, offers a comfortable and modern environment, making employees always give their best at work.

Over the years Credins bank is one of the most important investors in the field of education, which from time to time in different forms has its special contribution. Credin's objective is to invest in Albanian youth so that they can express their potential in every field to become elite citizens, for the benefit of themselves and their country.

FinTech in Albania, a success of Credins bank and UET