ONE Albania strengthens commercial focus / Subscriber experience becomes the main objective after the successful completion of the merger

2023-08-29 13:43:14Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
ONE Albania

After the historic acquisition of ALBtelecom and ONE Telecommunications by the Hungarian information and communication technology company 4iG Group, the merger and rebranding of the new telecommunications company, ONE Albania, was completed during the year. This new combined company inherits a quality mobile network infrastructure and the largest fixed network in the country.

The merger of business and operations has been a complex and sensitive process, led by the best professionals of ONE Albania and 4iG Group. With the successful completion of this transition, a new phase will begin for the ONE Albania company.

“It's been a long period and we finally got to the point where we can shift our focus much more to the commercial side. We laid the legal, organizational and technological foundations with all the possibilities, so it is a perfect moment to further improve the commercial position of ONE Albania" - said Péter Fekete, CEO of 4iG Group.

"After the great merger and the introduction of the ONE brand, we can move to a higher level and we are confident that our subscribers and the Albanian society will benefit from this."

ONE Albania strengthens commercial focus / Subscriber experience becomes the
ONE Albania

Commercial awareness is about continuous improvements of the subscriber experience, further digitization and ONE Albania's clear focus on products that subscribers value most.

To deliver a strategy and execution plan based on a subscriber-centric approach, 4iG Group appoints Brano Djurovic, Commercial Director of ONE Montenegro as the new Executive Director of ONE Albania. Brano Djurovic is an experienced executive who has gained his expertise in various international telecom companies, in the region and has worked on the commercial and technological side of the business for almost two decades.

After four years spent at One Telecommunications and then at ONE Albania, managing the company through its ups and downs, in addition to successfully executing the merger and rebranding processes among his achievements, Emil Georgakiev, the Executive Director of ONE Albania, is stepping down from the provider of telecommunication services, based in Tirana.

New CEO Brano Djurovic will bring the skills and mindset needed to implement and develop the commercial, large-scale perspective. At the same time, he will be responsible for the continuation of already successful processes, started by his predecessor, such as: promoting innovation, simplifying operations or increasing the quality of service of ONE Albania.