From citizens to banks, chain costs that are causing delays in applications to the Cadastre Agency

2023-08-29 08:25:40Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Swallow Bici

Costs are increasing for real estate agencies and citizens from delays in reviewing applications at the State Cadastre Agency due to the closure of physical counters.

The system change with the closure of counters and online applications started on July 3, without complete digitization of property files.

According to real estate agencies, this continues to lead to a blockage in real estate sales. The reform aims to digitize about 3,187,000 assets and scan 2,252,000 files. Earlier, from the data published by the State Cadastre Agency, it appears that out of 4.7 million real estates, only 2.8 million assets have a property reference and only 700,000 properties are registered with a complete file.

One of the managers of the real estate agencies in Tirana claimed for Monitor that since June they have been facing delays or non-responses for the applications they make through the notaries' offices. The reform for the digitization of the total property cards enables the online review of applications through selection from the algorithm system, with the aim of eliminating corruption, it is creating a blockage in the sale of assets. Real estate agencies raise the concern that delays in reviewing applications that have been going on for weeks are not only causing losses for conducting transactions in the sale and purchase of properties, but also delays in obtaining loans.

"We still have transactions from the month of June that we have resolved and we do not know what solution to give them. We apply for Vlora and Vlora does not see the application at all. Then, for another application, we receive a response from Korça, which says that there is a lack of documentation, but without specifying which document is missing. We are really very bad. We apply for "fast" services with twice the payment for refreshed cards and they don't work for us", says one of the leaders of the real estate agencies.

The President of the Chamber of Notaries Mrs. Mimoza Sadushi, contacted by Monitor, said that the reasons for the delays in reviewing applications for various services at the State Cadastre Agency are occurring due to the radical transformation of the system, starting with the complete digitization of real estate cards in order to combat of corruption and the elimination of queues in services to citizens.

"The undertaking of this much-requested reform and supported by notaries, such as the first-come, first-served order, the application fast requested by notaries, for which the understanding of the State Cadastre Agency was found, was necessary. Despite the difficulties that arise for notaries, citizens, banks, businesses and the cadastre itself, it was an initiative that should be started. The results are obvious. In order to achieve the maximum results, the necessary time and understanding of all parties is required". The President of the National Chamber of Notaries underlined that some of the services offered by the cadastre are working without delays, such as the "fast" service for applications to renew property cards.

Regarding the problem created by the review of applications at the ASHK, Prime Minister Edi Rama in his reaction on social networks claimed that the implementation of the reform is undoing the old system of realtors.

"And they say and say that the new Cadastre system does not work. This is just a picture of the workflow of the digital system, where you can clearly see the incoming and outgoing dates of applications, without a counter, without physical contact with employees, without the possibility of intervention from above, below, from the side to receive and give favors, no chance for bribes because the system does not eat friends and without all the horrors and horrors of the past in getting the service.

While yes, it's true, the old system no longer works, the network of realtors, all kinds of influences, cockroaches and rats inside the cadastre, who continue to give up due to the drying up of dirty resources, is undone every day, the work for improvement and growth continues tirelessly of the efficiency of the new system, which still has its own problems, but even as it is, it has given two great proofs, as a system hostile to corruption and friendly to the citizen", stressed Prime Minister Rama on social networks.

The complete closure of physical cadastre counters is creating big problems for the banking sector as well. Earlier, the Albanian Association of Banks also raised the concern that the non-performance of blocking actions on properties that are left as collateral has become a factor with a significant impact on curbing credit in the last two months.