Black gold in Shpirag, Professor Stavri Dhima reveals the secret of how much the reserve is

2023-08-27 21:49:52Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Professor Stavri Dhima

What is expected to bring us to the underground of Shpiragu, through black gold, has raised public curiosity and high expectations to turn this wealth into the service of the welfare of Albanians, through the Sovereign Fund announced by the government.

Associate Professor Stavri Dhima, has worked for more than 20 years at the Oil and Gas Research Institute in Fier. In an interview for Top Channel he says that he also defended the topic of his doctorate with Shpiragu's study. Initially Professor Dhima, he shows the constant and long years of efforts to extract this wealth on the surface.

"The search for oil in Shpirag is a long story. We can say that it is roughly as much a story as the history of oil exploration in Albania. Because near Shpiragu on one side is the Kuçovo site and on the other side in the northern part and further some smaller settlements such as Pepekish and Murrizi. In the southwestern part of Shpiragu we have the patos Marizna site and other settlements. The area of Shpiragu is among the few concrete places we have. One of the most important wells drilled in this country is the Sqepur 6 well, which was designed for a depth of 4200 meters in 1984 but since it did not reach its target, that structure continued drilling up to 5300 meters but without hitting the structure" said Professor Starvi Dhima.

What are the oil and gas levels in the St.

"This site is similar to that of Val Dagri in Italy, where there are two well-known companies. It produces about 2,85 to 000,100 barrels of oil per day. We currently produce 000,15 barrels of oil a day. So it's an amount 000-5 times what we produce if we're going to be in these sizes. In geophysical methods in the well drilled in the part where we are inside the carbonate tank, where the measurements are made, they say that yes, we have oil and gas reserves, we have this oil quality that is confirmed and we have an oil floor about 6,1 meters. The thickness of that source if this volume is large in spatial alignment if we add to the dimension of depth and thickness here is a very big source," Dhima says.

How do you anticipate the test? This is the word of everyone who says what the test will bring us.

"It's not like we have something locked in our hand and say what I have inside and you find it or find it with the test we're going to do. The situation is very positive and optimistic. That 1% or 00.01% is oil coming out of us so we have concrete. And above all, it's not just that it's going to come out, because it's not discussed that oil and gas will come out measurements have proven that. But the way the pressure performance will proceed as stable will be which then shows the real size of the source and the real size of the amount of oil and gas we have in this source place", concluded Professor Sarvi Dhima.

Professor Dhima says the company will need to drill 10 to 15 wells for maximum use of what Shpiragu has.