The climate will also weigh on the coffee cup: It will cost more

2023-09-18 20:52:47Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The climate will be heavy even in the cup of coffee

The era of good quality coffee at a cheap price is coming to an end.

The costs that large producers must bear to support the impact of climate change will inevitably have an impact on the price paid in the bar and supermarket.

This is the alarm raised in a study by Ethos Agriculture and Conservation International and Solidaridad, international organizations active in environmental protection and sector monitoring.

The industry, according to the study, must contend with rising demand, reduced income and the threat of climate change that could halve the land suitable for cultivation by 2050.

Production will migrate to other regions compared to the current ones also because, according to the study, it will be forced to adapt to the European regulation on deforestation, which from 2025 will ban the sale in the EU of coffee harvested in areas cleared of forests.

A phenomenon that has caused the loss of 130 thousand hectares of forest every year during the last two decades.

Moreover, based on the analysis carried out, the new European rules will mainly drive out of the market small African producers, unable to bear the necessary costs and poorly supported by their governments to adapt to the required standards from Brussels.

Production, especially that of the big names in the sector, will go to more developed regions. Brazil first of all, where farmers have more resources to prepare for the worst and thrive.