The sincerity of Mrs. Xhaçka!

2024-04-12 12:24:58Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA IRENA BEQIRAJ
Olta Xhačka

Today the network was filled with a sequence of the interview of MP Xhaçka, in which she stated that "the beach was given to her husband for a fee, with the aim of preventing them from coming from the mountain and pitching the tent, as the investment has the excellent aim of offering quality tourism"!

Olta's sincerity is disarming. With the above sentence, she has confirmed that the socialist government with its vision has painfully buried the progressive socialist agenda, which is based on "the well-being of the local resident from the mountain". 

The tourism that the socialists should develop should be a means of increasing the well-being of the "local resident from the mountain" and not so openly feed the wound of discrimination, fanaticism and exclusion. We as a country can only progress if there is shared prosperity. 

I am not a leftist from Denbabad and I do not come from a socialist family like Ms. Xhaçka. I am a leftist because I am an economist. In economics I learned that in order to determine the goals of the future, we must study the present in the light of the past and that no part of human nature or the institutions built by him should be outside our attention when designing economic policies.

It was precisely the studies in economics that convinced me that the ideology where the strategic investor tries to earn more, even by not allowing the "local from the mountain" to pitch the tent was wrong; the almost religious belief in the power of investment excellence as the MP called her husband's investment — even more so the unlimited government support for some investors — has neither theoretical nor practical basis in providing the country's economic prosperity. Today, beyond the economic inequality between the strategic investor and the devout or Himariots from the mountain, the economic reality of "crown capitalism" that we are following every day has abandoned all economic logic over time, feeding an extreme social and relational inequality.

I don't know how many hands Rama&Co will have to kiss and how many talavas will have to dance during elections to destroy the sincerity of Mrs. Xha?ka, who showed in a simple, spontaneous sentence, without too many details, how in their minds the socialist governors look at and treat "Albanians from the mountain."

That sentence escalated all propaganda yesterday!

That sentence is worth more than 1000 critical analyzes that a "leftist made from books" like me has made of socialist governments these 8 years!/ Gazeta Si