Tirana-Durrës, a turtle race

2024-03-25 18:08:57Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA LUTFI DERVISHI
Tirana-Durres road

The Tirana-Durrës road, 35 km, has been transformed into a path where the turtle reaches its destination faster than the turtle-type car.

Designed for a capacity of 30,000 cars per day, today this number has tripled.

The permitted speed is 90 km/h, but due to congestion it does not exceed 60 km/h.

(Even this bad has a good. Drivers who drive the vehicle at over 150 km/h and turn on and off the high beams like lightning in a cloud-laden sky have become rare).

Tirana-Durrës, the most frequented road in Albania, the area where half of the population has chosen to live, the area where 70% of the economy flourishes, has had its best days in the past. The train, which once traversed this segment, now rests in the annals of history, next to the old forgotten Tirana-Plepa road.

In a country where investment flows like the wine of Dionysus to every (un)imaginable avenue except those that ease traffic, the saga continues. It is an unwritten rule in these ancient lands that people and the economy are in one place and investment flows to another.

And this traffic is before the tourist season!

Here, speed does not make sense to be measured by km/h, but by patience accompanied by sighs, and the power of cars should no longer be measured by horse-power, but by patience-power or will-power.

Today, Tirana-Durrës is not only evidence of human patience, but also a reminder that the greatest adventure is not leaving Albania. The challenge is to travel this road and not mess with those who play with people's patience as if it were a play station.

PS The news that there will be a tender for the expansion of the Tirana-Durres road is more than comforting, it is irritating. Now begins the unbearable challenge, stages, segments, countless tears and (the only thing that is done with a plan in this country) endless inspections.

It was said that the works would start in March..., maybe they left it for the summer season when it is the peak of traffic.