You are strong Luna!

2024-03-28 15:31:20Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Luna Methasani

This was the phrase I heard the most in the last year, so much so that I think it is the most heard in my entire life, from acquaintances and strangers who stood in solidarity with me in the fight against cancer.

How much weight this sentence carried when I heard it, because beyond the psychological battle with myself, I had to smile and be strong for my family even when I didn't feel like it, and reassure them that this vicious disease that bites life fast hell, he couldn't beat me!

I had heard a lot of success stories that made me feel optimistic, even though I knew that fate is predetermined... but my heart ached for all those who lost this fight, or were diagnosed as new cases at the same time as me!

I completely understood the suffering, the portrait with tears or the pain in their eyes that were innocently looking for a ray of hope for life!

I preferred to spend this unusual and embarrassing situation in silence and in my peace.

But I cannot be indifferent to the hundreds of messages that I and my family have received or the prayers that you have made for me, I am deeply grateful to you every heartfelt prayer, every moral and financial help from friends and relatives, it has been a stone important in the solid foundation I built for a new beginning!

1 year of battle accompanied by hundreds of patients in the onco-hematology ward, taught me that life is too short to leave things for tomorrow and that we humans burden ourselves or feed useless worries in our heads, even for those things that are completely out of our hands, or will never happen.

Health is the greatest blessing we have, and only when we lack it, we understand its value!

Rushing after work, the stresses that the society in which we live in, the monotony that suffocates us and we seek to escape behind the smartphone screen, we have forgotten to live, to walk barefoot in nature, to follow an early passion, to try a sport of new or do something for ourselves!

Thanks to God and the doctors, for now I won the battle, but the most important thing is the fight that comes after!

Living is in our hands, enjoying and smiling at the beautiful moments that create memories with the people we love! I pray for all those who are experiencing the same situation, never lose hope, have faith in God and your self hold fast to the muse that inspires you. The sun will rise again despite the downpour you are facing, because the power of prayers "shakes" the mountains.