The arrogant behavior of Duman, the KLP serviles and disturbing figures!

2024-04-08 10:38:33Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA FLAMUR VEZAJ
Photo: Altin Dumani/ Flagur Vezaj/ KLP

Altin Dumani read the annual report of the SPAK institution at the High Prosecution Council, answering the questions of the members of this council!

There were those who spoke with superlatives, servility to the point that they seemed awkward, especially flattery, brushes or the words "Thank you for coming", "brilliant report" etc.

Some looked very funny! For a moment, I was expecting them to say "Altin, thank you for existing", like the expressions of the priest of that "church" that donated the house to Duman!

But the latter did not hide his nervousness, his vocabulary, tone of voice, body language, especially when he was asked about the government's influence on his decision-making or even the answers with arrogance to the point of delirium to the questions of Mr. Base!

How did he not listen to those arrogant answers that ended with the expressions "I agree, I agree", "what are these, we learned them in elementary school", "they are elementary for a lawyer", "they are in the Constitution, not I took them out of my pocket" etc.!

What if none of them said to him, "you are here to answer and give an account of the year's work and not to make comments on the questions"! Before KLP, Dumani had to give explanations and be measured twice for the answer!

But it was the opposite, there were some castrated KLP members who did not have the courage to criticize him or ask about human rights violations during his work, as for example in the case of the journalist Qyno who held him hostage on 10 hours locked in the office with a key, they searched his car as well as the bar where he had his cell phones at 1 after midnight without a court decision, etc. etc.!

Anyway, with that level of representation in KLP, I was not surprised, even for some others I was disappointed! He has badly copied his former boss A. Kosova for meetings with journalists "off the record" boasting that he has good relations!

"Good", terrorizing the children and family of journalists!? Is this good?!?? It's not your fault, it's the fault of those who serve you for a news or message!!

But back to the numbers, which in my opinion are worrying!

The head of SPAK mentioned that for one year he had started investigations at the institution's initiative in only 67 cases!

So, for 365 days only 67 cases! Very, very few public denunciations appear every day in the media or social networks and not only!

He knows the other reasons!

The fact that they were very busy as "army workers" and on the other hand said that they don't want prosecutors, but investigators, shows that they want convinced "soldiers", not prosecutors, who can object!

Because if a prosecutor has over 150 files per year, it is normal that the fact that SPAK has significant problems with "carrying files" for years is also worrying.

In other words, procrastination with the investigations, unfinished files, the file that sleeps in the prosecutor's office for years!

He stressed a concern that he had requested the isolation in the BIS system of 5 convicts and the Ministry had implemented only 2!??

Meanwhile, Dumani said, the judges decide what the Prosecution requires, so the judges are not on the sidelines, but side with the Prosecution, as they also feel blackmailed by SPAK!

He also raised a concern for BKH officers, for their professionalism and workload, where out of 60, almost 40 deal with wiretapping and the professional aspect of some of them leaves something to be desired, Dumani said, announcing that they had started the professional evaluation of to the BKH investigators, of course to remove those who "don't listen"!

The fact that many police officers are involved with criminal groups that Dumani said we cannot cooperate with and only 15% of files are investigated with the police is also worrying! With this statement, Balla's propaganda that "we have cleared corrupt officials from the ranks of the police" falls!

To put the seal of what they were told, it was the fact that for 365 days only 12 cases, state institutions have reported to SPAK!!! That's it!

This shows that there is an unwritten decision by the government which has instructed the administration not to refer any incriminating material, against corruption in the square! I think that this "decision" of the government not to report is a clear indication that this government is lying when it says that "we wanted and created this institution"!

Refusing to cooperate shows the opposite of what they say! So, KM says it only for militant propaganda in public, because officially they do not like this institution and have stopped cooperation.

In the end, Dumani "admitted" that with the "hostage" and terrorizing of journalist Qyno, he stopped the flow of information from the sources, making public only those that he approves and wants to be made public through the press office!

So, chronicle journalists are unfortunately disappearing!