"It was Aureljo's turn..."/ Shocking statistics: What is happening to children and "friendly justice"

2024-04-01 21:42:26Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ANILA HOXHA
Aureljo Dervishi, the 18-year-old who lost his life last night

Aureljo, aged 18, was killed by the hand of another child, quickly as if they were copying a well-thought-out crime scene, where both hot-blooded parties stop vehicles at a roundabout. This time the attack, the collision happened on a street in Tirana. Other times, fights with hand knives, pistols, levers and stones have happened not far from the school, near the house, in the neighborhood, in a bar or restaurant. Even in the hospital.

Sparked by virtual life, they are often ignited by a follow, an emoji, a compliment on a photo, a slur, an unapproved connection, an unacknowledged breakup. Bullying, persistence to appear superior to peers, half older, half stronger, half smarter. Or worse still, they fight over territories, where each tries to confirm that he is becoming a man, that he is good enough to conquer. But he is only a child.

More children than teenagers, get off the rails, one with a better car than the other.

This second one, who will die shortly, is called Aureljo. The first, a 16-year-old accompanied by his friends, who came from Doda Castle, lives in the Farka area, in a private house, and it must be said that he has not lacked anything economically. However, this has not given him enough certainty to be convinced that conflicts are resolved through discussion, or not resolved at all.

No, he's safer with a knife hidden in his body. Some of his peers are often found on the streets at checkpoints sometimes with baseball bats, knives, pistols, fist gloves.

In one case, one of them was justified in front of the judge that he was carrying the baseball bat because he was part of a team. But when Judge GH asked him for a single piece of evidence, a photograph proving his commitment as an athlete, the teenager gave in and told the truth. It was needed for such situations of attacks where children and teenagers do not hold back, but hurt and victimize groups.

Unlike the 16-year-old and his friends, one with parents who own a bakery, the other pampered by his grandparents, Aureljo, the only son, is somehow the shoulder for the family's economy, and the family is his shoulder. He started to support his father's work as an electrician, just after he turned 18 years old, and most likely understood the differences.

It has bad luck that after being attacked the spirit will leave it there in that cursed roundabout.

Unlike two other brothers who were barbarically attacked with knives a short time ago, only because one of them had established a relationship with the ex-partner of one of the aggressors.

But because of the law, said Commissariat number 2 in those days, criminals could not be arrested because they had not reached the age of 14. The mother of the boys begged me publicly, that at least the authorities would find a solution and penalize the perpetrators, because the woman was facing another difficulty. "Now that the boys escaped, and they are seeing on social networks the other side that is provoking them, the boys will act the same as them", he said.

In fact, the Juvenile Justice Code, aiming not to confront children in conflict with the law with the penitentiary system, the police, prosecutors, aims to approach them in a friendly manner. So in an educational way, to do what family, school and society failed to do.

However, despite the intention and good will, this continues to remain a theory, as long as the decisions of the courts remain unenforceable and until the relevant institutions are established. One of them is the re-education school, planned to be built in the Mzesi area, where the child in conflict with the law, be it a thief, a drug dealer, an attacker, a threat, a weapon holder, is subjected to programs until he understands what he has done.

Practically, we have hundreds of children who, in the name of friendly justice, the courts are forced to approach to some extent "sorry for asking you uncle judge". And these children don't even realize that they have committed a crime, misdemeanor or broken the law.

To speak in numbers, for the year 2023, 2,600 children have been identified as perpetrators of criminal events. Very few of them have been arrested, after which the institute of avoidance is applied to them, which would be perfect if it were carried out under supervision, with school and student platforms or compulsory schooling, and other restrictive - educational measures.

That doesn't happen, the reasons we said above.

1449 minors were harmed during 2023, of them five children were killed, four were attempted to be killed. 46 are threatened. 24 children were seriously injured. 122 slightly injured on purpose. 139 intentional torts. 13 minors were forcibly stolen. 514 were injured in accidents as a result of violating traffic rules. 85 were mistreated. 33 were abandoned by their parents. 72 were harmed by sexual crimes. As a director for child crime prevention, Klaudia Hasanllari does her best to share her concern with me for Aureljo who is no longer alive. For dozens of other children who are influenced by life online, and by role models without role models, like the 16-year-old with three friends who have been arrested, but likely because of their age they go out for hours.

"It is prevented by education - Klaudia tells me on the phone. In the family, at school, in the mass media. The incomprehensible trend of "bad boy", "Owner" should be removed. We are feeding the wrong instincts, the premature growth, the ruthless competition. More than a matter of law enforcement, it is a matter of education, of prevention", insists the official.

I listen. And I guess, it was Aurelius's turn to die. Had the parents spoken to them?