Guinness record: Zero lek for investments!

2024-02-27 18:10:01Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA LUTFI DERVISHI
Illustrative photo

While other governments of the globe try to invest in infrastructure, health and education, defense, Albania has launched an unheard of budget strategy: for the month of January, ZERO lekas were spent! This is not an offense. This Financial masterpiece is reminiscent of a canvas deliberately left blank by a minimalist artist.

It is an ancient philosophical puzzle: If a lek is allocated in the budget and nobody spends it, what happens to it? Also, how do you keep your promises when you don't invest a penny?

Is zero lek in capital expenditure a well-thought-out strategy, a bold statement never heard in the world of finance? Or is it just a forgetfulness to do homework?

Not spending the first month of the year on construction sites that have been open for 10 years should be a well thought out plan.

Maybe the Albanian government is waiting for teleportation technology.

Why invest in highways, agriculture, health and tourism when you can send citizens from one country to another with the push of a button? It is a visionary approach and at the same time a Guinness record. Which country has not spent a penny on public investment? And who else but Albania.

This is also the moment to set up a pavilion in the National Historical Museum - the pavilion of Unspent Funds - the curator can be a girocastrite or a gjakovar.

In this pavilion, tourists and future generations will have the opportunity to be amazed by this Albanian invention.

And last but not least: isn't this a good idea to fight corruption?! As they say: when you don't eat bread, you don't even make crumbs!

If anyone considers it bad news that no money was spent on public investment in January, the good news is that spending on salaries and bonuses has increased by 10%, and let's be honest: throughout January, inspections and postings have continued without interruption....