2024-02-17 15:27:46Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MONIKA STAFA

By Monica STAFA

Historically, the world has been dominated by dreams and projects for global rule. There were two camps and two leaderships. There was a list of unengaged people or a "third world" that also presented itself as a model for humanity. Because the ambition for world leadership is as natural as any human ambition for first place, first prize, first medal. When the "model of models", the icon of authentic democracy and the reference to the future of the world, is expressed through its highest diplomatic official that Albania is not only a friend in good time, it is an assessment that deserves to be studied deeply.

And Blinken affirmed that about the eagles' home country. For no one else. It is not the Indians who are their choices, but the Arabs. In his speech he no longer had a model. In a world already inflamed by genie, the U.S. is no longer the model.

Worse still. Because this is a world that has run out of template.

Was he estening the responsibility of the model shortcuts in his speech? Only when planetary risks are much more than what we think do we "move away from the privilege and responsibility of the model". Rarely has so openly been spoken of leaving aside the ambitions of protagonism before.

And Blinken did. We are friends, he said. The fourth in line who claimed to caress us the seed that our alliance goes beyond our love for each other.

Which beyond? The world between wars, for sure.

That was one more reason why. Blinken had time to give speeches at the embassy, meet full-backs, visit the pyramid, etc., but no longer meet the opposition as he did last time. It would be a waste of time for a strong bone like him.

The arrival of Blinken had another goal. Warning too You need protection, war is around. Whether or not we enter, the peoples are unconscious, but America, as the model of the strongest, must be militarily present.

Kucova Base. In the mouth of the Secretary of State, no name but the name is easily entered. Kucova, Dua Lipa, Mira and Edi Rama entered.

Everyone is "good," he said. "Ours" too.

As finnish scientist Dr. Helena Ranta who scientifically proved the first massacres in Kosovo. She uttered the word 'Recak' setting the tone for Nato's assault on Serbia. Clinton was immediately using it.

Because anyone who wants a place to install weapons has faith in you. Knowing the name of a country almost unknown to Albanians themselves, like Kucova and mentioning it in the press conference means that I came for it.

America loves those who love it. Not others.

Today Kosovo celebrates independence but two days ago when sec. Blinken was in Tirana it was almost as non grata. Is It Albin's Fault? Absolutely yes. The head, they called it. Who? The Americans? It wasn't spoken, but I heard it.

"Then the other ones in The N.C.A. are in the right place," he said. Bush on the boulevard of Tirana, at that time, uttered with his heart that 'Time is now' for Kosovo's independence. Things have changed, but it's not the world's fault. That's why Blinken said something else. He told us that there are two policies and two diplomacy for the Albanians.

The ally who doesn't listen is no longer an ally. In Kosovo we stand simply for our own interests, he murmured.

We should not put it out of our mind that at the time Rama and Blinken attended a press conference at the former Sheraton was the reception for Kosovo's independence party.

And there was no party atmosphere there. Everyone with cell phones in their hands. Like a group of young people around Tik-Tok. He went to The Ernst and gave a speech. All routine. But it seems that Blinken had met him for a message that Begaj said as his own; Don't go to partner with allies.

The United States has given all direct messages for Kosovo from Tirana: Bush, Clinton, Blinken. Does that make sense?

It is in American philosophy the expression; Be faithful to love you. It may not be the case to quote him, but an American president once said about Daniel Orteg, the president of Nicaragua, we know he is a dog, but as a dog he is a loyal one of ours.