Saliu left the house at night!

2024-02-15 09:45:04Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ARDIT RADA
Sali Berisha from the window of the house

Sali Berisha is experiencing the most unimaginable moments for him right at the end of his life.

Placed under house arrest, he is trying to publicly show enthusiasm for the militants who gather under his house. But seen through his eyes rather than a drone, the presence depresses him more than anything.

Probably Noka and Vokshi are competing every day to secure as many people as possible to 'Mustafa Matohiti' street at 17:30, this street bears the name of a communist martyr, perhaps less pious than the former Party secretary who lives there.

Under the guise of the "digital citizen" that he neatly raised after crying at the old headquarters for the loss of power, Sali Berisha has woven many secrets. It never happened that in 11 years of his denunciations, even one case of his own was proven. By himself, or by chance, no, no. But not from the new justice that the Democrats voted for with both hands in the grip of deadlines.

There were times when Berisha fell in with the 'Digital Citizen'. The word comes when he was reporting that in the village of Qivrym there are plots of Saje Qorri's cannabis. Saliu, disconnected from reality and under the emotions of the great 'discovery', forgot that the municipalities no longer existed because the territorial reform had disappeared as a term a year ago. Let him then read carefully the invented name of the municipality of Qivrym...

I am citing "Digital Citizen" as an example, because even from house arrest, he did not forget to "refer to it" a few days ago. He published a video of January 6, the date of which appears on the video, and says that the Police are destroying the cameras of the assassination of Ardjan Gjelos. Although the latter had faced a criminal event not on January 6, but on February 10. In essence, Saliu had taken the footage of the Police's action since a year ago, he was removing the crime cameras in the neighborhoods of the country and told it to the 'Digital Citizen'.

Today that he is under house arrest, I remembered all the machinations that this character of the past has used to tarnish not only politics, but to present Albania as a whole as an uninhabitable and disorderly country. Thus taking the baton as the only contributor and cause for every moment of depopulation, both in the government and in the opposition.

Among dozens of cases, in 2020 it was stated that a criminal was released from prison after using machinations to change the jury and paid 150 thousand euros. It is news of February 6, 2020 for anyone who would like to know the name of the convict. I'm not saying it because it's Saliu's words against an event that didn't happen. But today he himself is leaving no stone unturned to change the judges who are in charge of the corruption for which his family is accused of being the beneficiary.

At the same rate, when he became chairman of Rithemelimi, he accused that Lefter Koka and Saimir Tahiri left the prison at night and went home and returned to their cells in the morning. Or when the 'Digital Citizen' and Saliu missed the next post.

Imagine today that Antony Blinken visits Tirana and accompanies Yuri Kim on this visit. When it happened to Koka and Tahir to go to the disco, what does Saliu miss, having taken the mountains since last night?! That's what the 'digital citizen' would say, who is stuck together with "Baba Karlo" on the street "Mustafa Matohiti".

Always if he would maintain the standard for every convict and remand, Lek or with power.

Although Saliu has both...