The Strange Case of Edwin Priest

2024-02-24 21:30:01Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA HABJON HASANI
Doctor Edwin Prifti

1. In May 2020, Edwin Prifti sends to a prestigious medical journal, an initial study of his, in which he had observed that COVID attacked people with strong immunity and was better fought by people with weak immunity.

Although seemingly paradoxical; the surgeon had observed this phenomenon in people undergoing heart surgery, who are bombarded with certain drugs that greatly reduce immunity. These people managed to survive successfully and why affected by COVID.

Then the surgeon consulted statistics of people with HIV-AIDS or people with cancer, who were also bombarded with drugs (chemotherapy) that lowered immunity, it turned out that even in these people, deaths continued normally unaffected by COVID.

2. The scientific journal responds to the cardiologist Priest and tells him that his findings, although in the preliminary phase, were very interesting and they would present this initial study to the WHO.

3. After a week, the magazine contacts him again and it seems that he had changed his attitude 180 degrees. He coldly replies that his study had to include more statistical samples to be published.

4. One month later, in June 2020, Edvin Prifti was investigated and intercepted by SPAK.

5. In this period, the vaccine was not yet authorized. Priest's study automatically suggested an alternative medicine that challenged the vaccine business that was in the process of being conceived, at least officially.

6. On December 8, 2020, cardiac surgeon Edvin Prifti publishes an editorial in "Panorama", the essence of which was that the vaccines produced carried out genetic modification in humans. So after you are vaccinated, your genetic code changes, for better or worse we don't know yet, but the genetic code changes, you are genetically a "different" species after you are vaccinated.

7. Three months later, in February 2021, Edvin Prifti is arrested, his personal laptop is seized.

8. After being released on bail, cardiologist Edvin Prifti asks for a copy of the hard drive seized by the prosecution. After receiving the copy, he notices that in the copy provided by SPAK, the "Sars Cov" folder was missing, in which he had the entire range of study materials that he had started in May 2020.

9. In an interview with Tucker Clarson in 2024, Florida Health Minister Joseph Ladapo states that the vaccine makes genetic modifications to the human body. The Minister of Health in Florida declared in 2024 what Edvin Prifti in Tirana had written 4 years ago.

10. On the other hand, prestigious studies of 2023 and 2024 have supported Edvin Prifti's thesis, put forward in May 2020, according to which COVID damages people with low immunity less.

In these conditions, several logical questions arise:

a) Does Albania have the luxury of persecuting with investigations the only scientific authority in medicine who has put forward theses that their counterparts in the USA took 4 years to say?

b) How to explain this insistence and this zeal of SPAK and Mr. Dumani to condemn or seize the property of the only Albanian doctor who had the professional courage to reason and throw theses with global valence?

c) Could the investigation against Edvin Prifti be influenced by the extension of the interests of pharmaceutical multinationals?

d) Beyond the elements of bribery that SPAK may have suspected in his activity as a cardiac surgeon, Albania has the luxury of lynching such a talent, in conditions where the health sector is all under the vassalage of the interests of local and foreign pharmaceutical wholesalers ?

e) Additional element. Edvin Prifti is accused of money laundering, while the money was seized in cash. What does this mean? How can you clean money without entering it into the banking system and tax payment formulas?

They are simply some data and logical questions, but I think they should be discussed, since the rematch of SPAK with handcuffs may be damaging the fundamental principles and the basis of our society.