The story of the 20-year-old from Somalia who started for a better life, but ended up in the Trauma hospital!

2024-02-17 22:54:31Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ANILA HOXHA
Trauma Hospital

On the same day when the president of his country, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud , according to foreign agencies, complains that he made it difficult to enter the two-day summit of African countries, Mursal Mahamoud struggles in intubation with death.

In the Trauma hospital in Tirana. With no one around, except the doctors in that hospital room, taking and giving the tests and every second that passes, doing everything to save him.

Mursal Mahamoud is a 20-year-old who, due to the conflicts in his Somalia, the historical tensions between neighboring countries, decided to leave his country. He took the long way, hundreds of hours of hell on a flight with no destination.

A fruitless journey until he crashes and is badly injured. With all the time that has passed, it remains unclear how it fell and where. The dream he had, the unrealized arrival for him, Germany has kept him alive.

Among the diagnoses that were no longer keeping him on his feet, so that he could continue his escape, his life was moved to the Closed Center of Karec and then to the hospital.

In Karec, he had the fate of every illegal immigrant who waits his turn to be turned back, country after country, until he arrives at his homeland. That wait to return to his Somalia gave way to another wait to get him back on his feet.

In these empty days, without people, without family, without a word in his language, with the greatest loneliness and only 20 years old, Mursal was known as the boy of room number 4, second floor.

Professor Lutfi Dervishi informed me about him one day by writing to me " A young man from Somalia has been in trauma for two or three months. A harrowing human story ."

I had been looking for him for days.

Who is it? What happened to him? Are there people around?

Phone calls to the central police. In the border police. Local police on the border with Greece.

Until I got hold of his first track, that of Mursal, the immigrant from Somalia who got stuck in the Balkans and unlike hundreds of others who choose the Mediterranean as the road to death, he wandered on land paths in the hope that somewhere a gate would open to to.

" It turns out that this citizen, together with eight other immigrants, was caught by the Kapshtica border services on 08/13/2023. The citizen had injuries to his spine, he was first sent to Korca hospital and then to Tirana. The relevant procedures have been carried out ", writes the border officer.

At the Trauma Hospital, Mursal told the doctors that he had fallen and was seriously injured.

In September, doctors intervened and doctor Fatos Olldashi mentions the young man's card and every spirited effort the doctors had.

Complications appeared to you. In December 2023, from the closed Karec center where immigrants who use Albania as a bridge to Europe are kept, he was brought again for an emergency intervention.

They had to remove the materials that had been placed on His spine.

They faced a bad situation. For the patient in room four, with no one but the doctors who follow with sorrow what happens to a man's life, letters are started and sent from everywhere.

The Ministry of Health announces:

The patients talk to each other, they tell you that there is a young man there, just like him, and so are the doctors.

One of them is the doctor Arben Zenelaj, who is one of the best not only in the country but also in Europe, who is waiting for him to perform the next intervention. He sits counting the hours that pass and interprets them with the life of a boy who is breathing now on an intubation.

"The wound did not close and is bleeding," he says sadly. I wrote - he adds - I ask for help to save him. There is a need for an endovascular prosthesis and this is done in private hospitals."

Perhaps each of us thinks that Mursal could have been a relative of ours, or ourselves.

Somewhere in time, in one of the difficult years, one of our dear people may have found himself on the road of hell, running away, without stopping, running away from his homeland, away from his mother, away from home. As far as possible from our Albania for a thousand reasons.

Taking endless risks, sometimes with rafts, sometimes with trucks, with fake papers, through rough, difficult and dark roads...