And you, how do you feel that you violated him!

2022-11-03 11:26:10Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ETLEVA KONDAKçIU

When someone is tried for a crime they have committed, judges try to understand if the perpetrator feels any remorse or remorse for the injured person.

Translated into the context of children, it is very important for me to understand how my child feels after making another child feel bad.

And more than lectures, the question "How did you feel about making her cry?" can help.

From what I've seen in my work as an adult, I have the impression that people who have made me cry with their filth and filth must have grown up without ever being asked the question "How do you feel about making her feel bad?". 

These are the guys who, in the video of the nurse beating the elderly woman, make a show and laugh with all their being.

It is these people who kill the most with their frown!

How many such people do you know? People with whom you never feel relieved to share a problem or a joy?

A scut doesn't love anyone! Not that you won't! Can not!