The first one that Berisha has convinced to lose is Ilir Meta/Metaj

2022-10-24 20:31:57Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MERO BAZE
Ilir Meta/Metaj and Sali Berisha

While the president has set May 14 as the day of local elections, the biggest problem facing the opposition is the lack of confidence that Sali Berisha arouses within it. In spite of Berisha's efforts to act as if he will unite the opposition, within it the problem is not unification, but the belief that unification does not work with Berisha.

If you notice the statements of the main formal allies of Berisha in the opposition, after the announcement of the elections, you understand that all of Berisha's allies are trying to avoid being harmed by Berisha, and not how to win the elections.

The most prominent at this point is Ilir Meta/Metaj. Convinced that the elections are a lost battle, he has chosen to offer Berisha not to run in any municipality, so as not to share the loss bill, but to compete only for the municipal councils.

In a way, he wants to create a reserve of votes that he can use as pressure for the next parliamentary elections, pretending to offer all the municipalities to Berisha, so that he can tolerate him in collecting proportional votes.

But basically, this act of Ilir Meta is the strongest sign of the distrust he has for "victory" with Berisha. In the 2011 elections, LSI received from Berisha 20 percent of mayoral candidates across the country, while Edi Rama received 30 percent of mayoral candidates in 2015, convinced that he could win them together. Although LSI lost in most of them, excluding Gjirokastra, Berat and Skrapar, it was significantly consolidated throughout the country.

The withdrawal of Meta/Metaj from the race for mayor is not a sign of tolerance for Sali Berisha. On the contrary, it is a strong sign of distrust, that this is a lost race and he will be victorious only where he competes, in the municipal councils.

Meta/Metaj thus becomes the first Kasandra of the local elections for the opposition.

But if you notice the statements of Dashamir Shehi or Agron Duka, you understand that the mourning of defeat reigns in the opposition. Shehi says that Berisha has more problems than the opposition and should not lead it, while Duka says that if the language is not found, they will not run at all.

So what Sali Berisha has done as the leader of the opposition with his return, is that he has totally demobilized the opposition and filled everyone's mind with the defeat.

Not having the power to reorganize outside of Berisha, everyone is trying to find a way not to take responsibility for the loss. And their worst sign is the behavior of Ilir Meta, who, like those hyenas who smell the carrion, is running to eat the meat left on the bones of the DP, leaving the blame for her death to Sali Berisha.