Upside down!

2022-10-24 20:27:53Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA LUTFI DERVISHI
Lutfi Dervishi

Imagine a country where the policeman fears the thug, the prosecutor fears the policeman, the judge fears the prosecutor and the politician fears no one. This would be called a dystopian reality, (the opposite of utopia), i.e. a society and community that is not only undesirable, but out of date.

Unfortunately, we see "particles" of this reality more and more often, and what's worse, they seem more than normal.

The serious event of Elbasan in April 2021, where the bandits are inspired as soon as the police arrive at the scene and go so far as to put a pistol to the head of the police officer, is only an indication of the power of bandits with political support. In this event, the General Director of Police lied to the media and public opinion without blushing, turning yellow, or turning black. In a dystopian reality the director is rewarded. That's what really happened. He and the prosecutor who lied were rewarded with what we know and what we don't know.

Agents who kill and police who blame the victim. It is not a dystopian reality. These are repeated cases.

In the European criminal codes, when the policeman beats, when the policeman searches the apartment abusively or when the policeman commits any other illegal act in the framework and attributes of the duty, the punishment is: Provision of the relevant article plus five years.

Being a police officer is an aggravating circumstance in any crime. In a dystopian reality, murder by the police is an extenuating circumstance. That's what happened, that's what's happening and that's what will happen in the future.

In the last case when a 32-year-old man lost his life at the hands of the police, in the middle of Tirana, the only true thing from the announcement of the Police Protection Agency turns out to be the date. Meanwhile, the only thing different from other events full of mystery and suspicion is the date and initials of the victim, since everything else is similar: The responsibility falls on the victim, on the one who has no mouth to speak!

Every sentence is a lie, even grammatically in construction it creates the impression of an event which is the opposite of what they are trying to serve you. This is also unfortunately and shamelessly not the first time. 

When a crime happens, it is judged by how you react to it. The first attempt remains concealment and manipulation. The latter go from communiques to the media and to the heads of the executive who go as far as talking about exemplary police behavior. In this case, the distorted information placed under studio lights or beautiful graphics, is believed even by its creators themselves that the responsibility is channeled from the perpetrator to the victim who pays. In a dystopian reality, police violence is called exemplary behavior.

If there was a Prosecutor and if he became an example, no one would dare to manipulate the crime scene. At least not so amateurishly, as they forget that today we live in an age where everything leaves a mark. Moreover, the policemen would get the message that they are not the law, they are not above the law and they do not escape the punishment of the law.

But what about our prosecutors?

In a real country, the prosecutor directs the investigation, while in a dystopian reality, the prosecutor goes without harm as decorum at police press conferences.

In a real situation, it is the prosecutors who should be the first violin and to "date" anyone who has violated the law. But it seems that not all prosecutors know that the police is dependent on them as far as the investigation process is concerned.

Even in the wildest fantasy of dystopian realities, there are no cases where a cooperation agreement is signed to fight crime between the prosecution and the police. Here, for example; Imagine if doctors made a memorandum of understanding with nurses to fight diseases!

And this dystopian reality is also reflected in the media. The figure of the prosecutor is completely forgotten and the figures of policemen and police chiefs are heroized for better or for worse. For someone, this can be considered as legal normality, while for those who know the rules of the state, it cannot be called anything more than STUPIDITY!

Judges who are afraid of prosecutors! In a country where 95% of the prosecutor's decisions are confirmed by the court, the rhetorical question is: Do we need judges? It is clear that in this situation the lawyers are out of a job!

A good judge knows that the separation of powers arose as a need to curb the uncontrolled will of the individual and the executive, a good judge knows that no one is above the law and a good judge knows the difference between work of the judge and the notary. When the judge becomes the prosecutor's notary, the prosecutor's mind is full that he is the law above the land.

32 years after the "Freedom-Democracy" calls, maybe the time has come to think that policemen, prosecutors and judges should learn some basic notions about democracy, human rights, the law, the separation of powers, and especially about their own competences. . This should start by first accepting without many excuses that what we have done and are doing does not work because before we have the "Police That We Want" we must have the "Prosecutor's Office and the Court That We Need" in parallel.