The highest health budget in 30 years, reflection on the reasons and 6 questions that need answers

2022-10-24 12:48:42Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA DR. TRITAN KALO
Tritan Calo

In the next financial year 2023, major investments in HEALTH are foreseen. They are values ??not offered before during these 30 years of demon-cracy for this life-giving and life-saving sector for everyone. The OPTIMISM that is created in such a case, like an immaculate white coat, makes me reflect objectively on the reasons and essential goals of these investments in the 11th year of the government of this "renaissance" majority:

A – Are these investments simply related to an electoral effect, that is, to the local elections of the spring of 2023? Or are they a prelude to a welcome and welcome turn in Public Health, as can be seen with the investment of 5.61 million euros in the Infectious Diseases Service of QSUNT, financed by the World Bank, or started from the lessons learned during the management of The Covid-19 pandemic? (which fortunately we have introduced into the gutters of its endemicization, as has happened before with many, many other infections similar or not to it).

B- Are these investments related to the progressive reduction of the "brain drain", a phenomenon of care-givers in our Health, with short-term, medium-term and long-term consequences for the contemporary progress in this sector?

In October 2013, this majority organized a meeting with 150 Albanian doctors already employed all over the world under the slogan "Say yes to Albania", none of whom returned. On the contrary, "their footprints" were later joined by hundreds and thousands of doctors, ranking Albania with the smallest number of doctors in Europe, with less than 1.2 doctors per 1000 inhabitants.

C- These investments are related to the real increase in the salaries of caregivers, not with inflationary indexes like the last one with 6 percent, to reduce not only the numbers of people leaving Public Health, but also to increase the degree of their protection, to increase the level of trust and mutual understanding between patients and the staff of doctors-nurses-laboratorians-pharmacists-technicians, who care for them; to avoid once and for all looking at the pockets of the sick, as an opportunity to compensate for the lost income from their work in this sector?

D - Are these investments related to the continuity and contemporaneity of the infrastructure of laboratory diagnostic equipment, imaging, hotel infrastructure in the provision of medical care and in particular the theoretical-scientific qualification of human resources in all fields and at all levels of this provision?

E- Are these investments related to the preparations for other PPPs in the Public Health sector, as has often happened up to now? What happened especially in the first four years of the government of this majority, is what led me to the above doubt. May I be very, very wrong;

F- Are these investments related to the most recent resolution of the "Gordian knot" in terms of Universal Health Insurance, as promised in June 2013, i.e. that my Health Card is equivalent even in the Private Health Sector, if Will I or any of us find it necessary to address her? So to be a universal cover not only for the diagnosis but also for the treatment of any kind of disease in our population?

FULL TRANSPARENCY is the only means to remove any fog, regarding the purpose of the unusual future investments in the Albanian Public Health. Let's hope only for the best!

*Taken from the Facebook profile of Dr. Tritan Kalos