Sali Berisha chose Meta and finally broke the PD

2022-10-27 20:33:45Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA SKëNDER MINXHOZI
Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta

Sali Berisha took not one, but two steps today, in the direction of the form and weight he wants to give to the Albanian opposition in the upcoming local elections. He signed a rapprochement pact with Ilir Meta and at the same time signed the divorce with at least 60 percent of his parliamentary group. He not only failed to heal the "Basha" wound sustained from last year's fracture, and that on January 8 he created the famous physical attack at the party headquarters, but even more widely, he failed in the mission he had set himself during pulpit campaign: the unification of the Democratic Party.

Berisha chose Petrit Vasili in front of Enkelejd Alibeaj and Agron Gjekmarkaj. A choice to cry "with lamentations", the old women of the village would say. It is a choice that, at first glance, privileges Meta over his former early collaborators who today contest him. A choice of force and instinct instead of a longer path of compromise with the long list of parliamentarians who refuse to bend to their knees. It is at the same time a short-term election that damages the DP itself for a long time, and that pushes Berisha towards an alliance with Meta where neither of them trusts the friend.

At first glance, those who are thought to have the most votes and who shout the loudest against Rama joined. It is enough to take a look at the polls of all parties in the last four years, to be convinced that this duo cannot endanger Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj.

With hypocrisy and a seemingly innocent amnesia, the media around PD and PL have created the idea that the group of rebel MPs in PD is not worth a penny, has no votes, is nobody and can't win anything. It is deliberately forgotten in this case that the real crisis of the Democratic Party has its point of gravity in its parliamentary group, not in the branch of Kolonja or Kukes. As such, the fracture between the parties in the Assembly will continue to damage the political weight of Sali Berisha in the weeks and months to come. As it was also seen with the file law, the weight of cards of Berisha's opponents within the party has a considerable political weight.

With today's decision, Sali Berisha gave shape to a completely new phase of his political career, completely different and incomparable to that of 2005, so much evoked these months. Berisha of that moment that gathered around him even those he once beat in the squares, today is an empty illusion. This one of today has joined arms with Meta, as if to join his own plight with that of the former president. Two budding political leaders, each with a problem on his back: one with the American dossier, the other with the rumored communist dossier. And in the background, a long list of democratic deputies and officials who with their presence and political weight damage the new alliance of Sali Gërdec with Ilir Florir, as the two leaders of the coalition that just dropped their signatures used to call each other of the establishment.