Why do they pretend they have forums?

2022-10-29 18:34:14Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MERO BAZE
Ilir Metaj voting for himself

This curiosity will accompany me for a long time when I hear that the Freedom Party holds a convention and elects and elects Metai/Metaj by vote. There are many parties in the world that have autocratic leaders or that have given up on elections. But they do not hide it. They even have an identity. When they hold Assemblies or Congresses as we call them, they talk about society's perspectives or their programs. They are usually parties in power, which have no intention of leaving, and mostly in countries that do not pretend to be democratic.

And this work of the Freedom Party is atypical even for the most ridiculous cases.

This was born in five minutes and without any opposition changed the name and the chairman. At first it was the party of the man named after her. Then he gave it to the woman keeping the husband's last name as usual. Then the woman gave it to the man again and to make it look serious he changed her last name so it wouldn't look like he was taking it from the woman. Now I have made votes to be elected as chairman.

My curiosity is why they need all this procedure. Ilir Meta/Metaj is a political identity accepted in Albania as it is. He is one of the few who do not even mention corruption as a bad thing but as a skill. It's rare that when he says nonsense, people take him seriously and laugh at him. Even the Americans don't get upset with the crazy people he says against them, as was the case when he said they want to kill him at Mali me Gropa. Most people ask where is Mountain with Pits. 

Above all, there is no doubt that it is his family party and held by his own forces. It is the only private political enterprise in Albania that actually functions as ShPK and people have no doubts about it.

I don't understand why I have to pretend that he is elected, that he gathers people, that he changes his name, and above all that he has a program. The only important thing he has done politically recently is the alliance with Sali Berisha, which unifies him as an important member of the anti-Western throne in Albania, which is actually the opposition with the most identity in Albania, as it is understandable why what they want. They want to get rid of the influence of the West in Albania and escape from justice. It is not a small goal, nor an easy one. But it is not the objective that requires these shows with conventions or with communists converted to rightists. It's money wasted. With the amount of money they spent today, they bought some 5,000 votes. The only thing they know how to do well.