A tasteless provocation on the terrace of a town hall

2024-05-20 21:38:42Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA DOM GJERGJ META
Dom Gjergj Meta

It is easy to understand that this is a provocation, sought after, well thought out and well organized by certain lobbies that have their own agenda, part of which, apparently, a state institution has become. I try not to be a conspirator by nature, but this time I believe that either the Municipality of Tirana, or the protagonists of such a ceremonial performance, for various interests have deliberately staged an ugly theater, using even the clothes of the actors ( wedding dresses, clerical clothes) to the child they hold in their arms.

Many things have been said and I don't want to repeat them, because from my side it is quite clear what nature a marriage should have and that it should only be heterosexual to be called such, that is, only between a man and a woman and this for life, until death do us part. What really impresses you is how a public institution allows, even becomes a cooperative part of a well-structured provocation. How this happens precisely at a time when the Mayor of Tirana is not there and at a time when the debate about the family and its sanctity is taking on national proportions, in addition to other debates these days.

This makes me think that the Municipality of Tirana has a certain agenda or that at least certain segments of it support this agenda. This institution does not take into account the feelings and laws of this country, but abuses them, trampling them with both feet arbitrarily, even cynically, decorating them with flowers. Here the issue is not purely political, but it clearly shows that the City Hall of the capital is part of a lobby, which is persistently seeking to modify the concept of marriage and family, giving them certain shades.

In the photos distributed in the television and online media, it can be seen that a child is also found in the arms of one of the ladies. I think this is child abuse, just as it is abuse when divorcing parents use their children against each other or when children become instruments to satisfy the parents' selfishness through surrogacy or artificial insemination, or ordering them to anonymous embryo banks. The child carried in the arms while the women kiss together is the epitome of a scenario in which the child serves as a tool and nothing more. And this is abuse.

I am not for lynching. We are all sons of God, but no one stops the thought and objection of conscience. I do not know if the Municipality of Tirana has any Catholics in its administration. If there is, I call on them to protest against such theater, because their conscience is worth more than the criticism of their boss/s or far away, their dismissal from work. If there is someone there who thinks differently from those who staged such a thing, let them distance themselves publicly.

Civil disobedience is a value, so you would do yourself and the institution a favor by disobeying and protesting, not only about this, but about any abuse you witness. I don't know if any of the Catholics who work in the Municipality of Tirana will read these lines, but if they read them and agree with me, they should come out and publicly show their agreement with them and their disagreement with that theater of passion.