Return to Ithaca

2024-05-12 15:06:33Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MONIKA STAFA
Monica Staff

The first revivalists and then the generation of Ora e Maleve the second said: Wherever Albanians unite, they become the best and win. And this, fortunately but also not so well, history has shown. Today also shows every day that the biggest enemy of Albanians are Albanians. This expression is not only Konica's. It is of life. Of coexistence in the community. It is ours. We, wherever we unite, no one can defeat us.

This time also in Athens. Despite the threats. Despite obstacles, blackmail, maritime borders and martial law, we succeeded. Thus giving ourselves the opportunity to follow that show with dignity. That meeting between immigrants from a stadium where yesterday the Albanians were chased by a wild broom.

This is the DIASPORA. Our flesh and blood that escaped us because of an enmity among ourselves. We got away from a tribalism between classes, thefts and robberies.


Returning to the Holy Land has been the aspiration of millions of Jews since the Babylonian exile. Emigration to the Land of Israel began in 1882. Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, more than 3 million Jews from over 90 countries of the world returned to their land where they had big dreams. Otherwise known as Alieyah, this act was one of the most fundamental principles of Zionist ideology. Therefore, in the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel, there is a special point on diapsora, giving it an inalienable importance. At that time, Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, emitted the roaring spark of a leader governing a country in need.

We must see Jews wherever they are to come and participate in our efforts here, to build the state of Israel. Because we need their technical knowledge, their unmatched experiences, their entrepreneurial spirit and their bold vision.

We are in great need of engineers, chemists, builders, labor managers and technicians. The tasks that this country is about to face are such that there is a need to appeal to these geniuses who are serving the world of foreigners and not the country that needs them so much. But it must be made clear that the decision whether they wish to come - permanently or temporarily - rests of course in their free discretion. This is entirely a matter of their will. It's just that we must definitely do our best to make them come to us.

Doesn't this call look nice?! A call of the heart and soul. Mind too.

From the second and third summit held not many years ago, the word finally came. We could believe that this could happen in Pristina, Skopje and Tuz. Even in New York they love you. But to happen in the middle of Athens, this was completely unlike.

Never until now, Albanian politics has accomplished nothing for the benefit of immigration around the world. And yet he continues to help his country in per capita income, in study opportunities for hundreds of thousands of young people in the West, in attracting foreign investors, in preserving culture and cultivating the Albanian language in the diaspora, etc.

Because early on, their goal was clear, first to fulfill their national obligations and then to integrate into the culture of the countries where they found themselves. But has there been any historical moment of its interaction in the life of Albanians apart from their activity with a national character?

It has happened several times in history. When Albania's independence was announced at the beginning of the last century and in 1999, the threshold of the new millennium, the diaspora showed that it was a strong arm and cornerstone in Kosovo's battle for freedom.

Today in Athens, we saw that this diaspora no longer needs to be increased but to return to the homeland. And to contribute to his country to lead it towards prosperity and economic development.

David Ben-Gurion was elected the first prime minister of Israel in 1948. He presided over many national projects aimed at the rapid development of the country and its people. Faced with a financially burdened country, Ben-Gurion turned to the diaspora for help. And they came. Israel experienced the development and prosperity we have heard so much about. In economy, agriculture, culture, education and technology.

What we expect in this journey of the prosperity of the Albanian state will not be the old issues related to nationality and the processes of its existence. Now this era is over.

Ithaca welcomes its young to sail across distant and troubled oceans to a whole new world.

Therefore, a call from the heart that of Ben Gurion comes to all of us; working for inter-Albanian integrations, the path to regional and European integrations becomes easier, more natural and long-lasting.

It is time for this diaspora to come here. It is time for her to direct her mind deeply here. We must fight to change the direction by exerting all our forces to invest in the only great resource we may still have; human resource.

The man, his talent and will.