Time to go back

2024-05-13 19:29:12Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ALADIN STAFA

By Aladin Staff

After a period of almost half a century under the communist regime, the fall of the Berlin Wall at the end of the 80s brought not only a change in the political system in the countries of the East, but also the possibility of free movement of its citizens. Albanians in particular.

Crushed and deprived of the artificial prison in the life they lived, but also the one the system created for all those who thought differently, the time had come for the idea that beyond the borders of the mother country they would find paradise.
And as hundreds, thousands of Albanians tried to find the first possible way to escape the country, the reality they saw with their eyes on the other side of the fence was not so far from the suffering they had left behind. The two most preferred and logically closest destinations were Greece to the south and the other neighbor across the Adriatic, Italy. Two places that at the time held some of the oldest tree-land communities.

Arvanitas and Arbëresh.

So curious, with ideas protected by moldy Bolshevism and ideals that today sound ridiculous, the Albanians descended on these two countries with classic histories of civilization and emancipated societies where the word 'freedom' weighed heavily.

And as the years passed, they, the first immigrants who arrived between the mountains and those who jumped into the sea, amid the struggles of quite racist policies, finally managed to convincingly integrate into the foreign societies of the West.
Although they lived on their backs the contempt of the foreigner, the ethnicity of the different and the bureaucracies of the system, they managed to become a significant factor with their talent, perseverance and work. We know that it was this diaspora that served as the biggest catalyst of the internal economy in Albania, where with the financial aid they sent, almost throughout the years of this transition, they kept alive the spirit of an entire people who lived the first steps of building a new economic structure.

The beginnings of a dilettante capitalism.

And today we say with full mouth that after three decades their achievements are undoubtedly satisfactory. Everywhere and in every place. They are not only an integral part of the system of the countries where they are located, but they now have the opportunity to raise their voice for the basic rights that every citizen of that country has. One with them. Equal among equals.

Today, their presence is fundamentally felt not only in business but also in art. In sports and politics, thus becoming the most useful ambassadors of good Albanianness. Bringing up the image of Albania, awakening them to the European dream and giving them hope and faith that only with work and perseverance does everything good come later. With the coveted call of the past generation for an Albania like all of Europe.

Therefore, this is one reason why in recent years there has been an increase in their interest in being in the homeland. To reflect on it. To unfold dreams of contributions and opportunities to see that country become.

But how can we pull it off? What should we offer them? What can they really ask for from their hometown? Exactly that hometown they left behind 30 years ago?!

It is true that in the European arena and beyond, Albania, through its foreign policies, is being coveted as an undiscovered gem with attractive destinations not only for foreigners but also for exiled Albanians.
Tourism in particular, this sector which I believe is the only one today that can be elaborated in the economic plan has caused the interest to increase and the Albanians to see their country as a base - the ideal attraction to invest.

But what comes next?

Starting from the idea that through government policies you can not only strengthen the system but also become part of it, cooperation with the diaspora should be seen as a long-term project of the current executive where the priority should be the opportunity to give them a voice through voting, an act that would bring them even closer to their country.

These expansionist policies, which for a small country like Albania can sometimes be seen as taboo and crazy, remain the best way for a large and wide diaspora like ours, which has every right in the world to make us believe that bilateral cooperation between the government and it is the only key to success for our Albania.

Of course, their European spirit, capital and love for the homeland are the biggest motivation that the government should have to open the doors of opportunities to this community that has shown with conviction and integration whose culture it belongs to. Neither more nor less than the European one.

Therefore, this is one reason why the return of many of them cannot be seen as a failure at all. In history we know that mostly diasporas have been the ones that play the primary role in the prosperity of a country. And their return in time should always be seen as a new beginning.

But above all because just the idea of ??returning to what you left behind always remains something more exciting than knowing what awaits you where you are.