VoxNews brings the VIEWS, inside the BASE of the CRIMINAL group in Red Field!

2023-12-06 11:54:11Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Alex Lulashi

VoxNews was inside the house, which was turned into a supply base for criminal groups with the purpose of committing crimes, in the village of Gurez of the Fushe-Kuqe Administrative Unit in Kurbin.

In the testimony given to the police after the arrest, the owner of the apartment, 40-year-old Aleks Lulash, stated that he had been buying and selling various items for many years, but denied having any ties to criminal groups.

Meanwhile, the old apartment served as a warehouse, as the 40-year-old man and other family members lived in a house a few meters away built in recent years.

The mobile device of Aleks Lulash , which was seized as material evidence, will be examined to see the communications that the 40-year-old may have had, which may help in the discovery of the persons he cooperated with.

This basic supply house for criminal groups with the purpose of committing crimes was discovered by the police on the morning of December 5 as part of the "Rule of Law" operation and as a result of in-depth investigations that are being intensively carried out to unravel the serious criminal events of recently occurred in the territory of Lezha District.

Video provided by VoxNews :

What was seized in the apartment:

-1 "Mazda" type vehicle, with interference and damage to its structure, to make it impossible to determine the vehicle's data;

-5 motor vehicles with high motor power, suspected stolen;

- 4 pairs of license plates, for vehicles and motorcycles, suspected to be stolen in different cities of Albania and Kosovo;

- 400 grams of suspected explosive substance, with fire-conducting fuse, ready for explosion;

- Hoods such as masks, gloves and motorcycle helmets, camouflage clothing, as well as a variety of other items that would serve to commit serious criminal events.

Meanwhile, 40-year-old Aleks Lulashi is being held in the detention rooms of the Lezhë Police Station, waiting to be introduced to the security measure in court./ VoxNews