"You're lying, you didn't move to help Liridona", the journalist reveals the clash in court between the perpetrator of the murder and Naim Murseli

2023-12-05 23:04:59Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Liridona Murseli / Naim Murseli / Granit Plava

Journalist Behar Beha from "Gazeta Nacionale" says that one of the tracks that the Prosecutor's Office is investigating is related to the suspicions of whether Naim Murseli has carried out any suspicious activity that Liridona Ademi was aware of.

Beha says that Granit Plava, who is accused of killing Liridona Ademi, had dinner at the same restaurant with the family, but away from them, shortly before he committed the crime.

Why should a man kill his wife?

Besian Beha: It was initially related to the issue of health insurance. At the moment it seems that it is not a path that could lead to the truth. Another version was also the one told by journalists in Albania, which is related to an extramarital affair that Naim Murseli may have had. Based on the sources I have, it is not a track that is being mentioned in the Lyridona murder. Another piece of news is related to a divorce petition, which was initially denied to have existed.

The media in Kosovo have published the document that shows that Naim Murseli and Liridona in 2019 had requested a divorce in the justice institutions, but after they did not appear in court to end their marriage, the case was dismissed and they continued as married couple. The Police and the Prosecutor's Office had doubts from the first moments that Naim Murseli was behind the murder. Intentionally did not react to confirm. They also allowed him at the funeral to see his behavior and use this as an aggravating measure.

There was a camera on the road where the crime took place, which filmed the robbers' car. The same car was then filmed by the cameras of the restaurant in Graçanica. The police have learned that it is the same car. Granit Plava was in the same place where Naim Murseli had dinner with his family. He was at another table and then moved to commit the crime as agreed with Naim Murseli in the meeting in Kavar.

It is not a matter of a plan of one or two days, but of weeks, months. The prosecution has doubts that he had to commit the crime. In the hearing that was held on Sunday, there was a clash between Naim Murseli and 2 accused persons. Naim Murseli said that I came back to help his wife, at this moment, Granit Plava stood up and told him that you are lying because you have never stood up. There was a mismatch between persons.

The Prosecutor's Office of Pristina has never officially announced that he committed the crime. In the session, he said that I came back to help him. The prosecution is too closed to provide details on which main track the investigations are going. Naim Murseli was a powerful person. It is also being investigated if it is related to any suspicious activity that the woman was aware of. All leads are being investigated.