Why did his son kill his wife? Naim Mursel's father: Liridona may have known a secret

2023-12-05 22:49:27Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Shaban Murseli

Naim Murseli's father, Shaban Murseli, has spoken about the serious crime committed by his son, who is accused of having organized the murder of his wife Liridona Ademaj.

In an interview with the journalist Blerta Dalloshi Berisha, given for the show Opinion, he says that he does not believe that the serious crime happened because of debt issues.

He suspects that Liridona may have known some secret.

Question: Financially, is he in debt?

Shaban Murseli: I don't know if he has debts, there was some pressure, but I don't know from whom.

Q: Could it be a secret?

Shaban Murseli : It could be some kind of secret and it is best to eliminate it.

Question: Bisexuality, which Liridona had information about, has been mentioned as a possible cause.

Shaban Murseli: As for the male gender, I'm telling the truth, it's probably a bad thing to say, he hates them.