Naim Mursel said :"I have video evidence and strong evidence, complained that he was beaten by the police"

2023-12-09 21:49:11Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Shaban Mursel, father of Naim Mursel

Naim Murseli, the suspect of paying 30,000 euros for the murder of his wife, Liridona Ademaj, is acneed that he was beaten by police after the arrest.

This was said by his father, Shaban Murseli, who confessed to meeting his son in the prison premises.

Shaban Murseli also told media outlets that Naim had told him that "there is evidence, facts and videos" but what is unknown about.

Naim Murseli was initially reported to have admitted to the incident to police, but after hiring the lawyer, he has changed his position denying that he has any connection in the murder of the woman.

"Yes, yes, I visited. He told me I was beaten, but not in jail, according to him. And now I don't know, I contacted Gjakova, they told me that they didn't touch him by hand, unless they beat him here in Pristina. I also told the lawyer, I'm going to go to the IPK. Let's see where he's beaten, though, he's never resisted.

He knows best what he has to witness. He said I have facts, I have videos, strong evidence that there are no murderous messages, nor have there been days since... "It's a different track," Shaban Murseli told Signal.

But his whole confession, Shaban Murseli said he does not believe it, until the truth is revealed and the suspicions raised are confirmed.

"As Naimi told me, we are not true these accusations that have been made, the portals they said, and none of us are true. He is best shown by himself.

I believe in the truth, I do not believe in him, nor the portals, nor believe in him.

"15 minutes before the murder he said he stopped at the market, bought eggs, milk and bread for breakfast," he said.

After meeting Nami, who is allegedly ordering the murder of his wife, Shaban Murseli also commented on his declaration of revenge.

A few days ago he said that "on the day I had my son, I was avenging myself with my son that day – he wasn't alive today," which he said he would do if "100% proves he did it."[