Shaban Murseli confirms that he met Nam in prison: Here's what he told me about the murder!

2023-12-09 19:13:43Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Naim Murseli / Shaban Murseli

Shaban Murseli, the father of Naim Mursel, suspected of killing Liridona Ademaj, has confirmed that he met his son at the maximum security prison in Dyz.

This was the first time the show was shot.

Mursel claims his son told him he didn't know about the murder that night.

"Today, according to his words, I received, Naim did not pay 30,000 euros, he did not buy a weapon, nor did he have a day for the murder that night," Murseli said.

Shaban Mursel's statement from 34:00: