Video: The moment Granit Plava enters camouflage at the restaurant where Liridona was dining with Naim Mursel

2023-12-09 21:30:12Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Granite Plava

The last hours of her life, 30-year-old Liridona Ademaj, spent in the company of her husband, Naim Murseli, and their two children, 4 and 6 years old.

The feeling had no idea that dinner at the restaurant 'Ethno Kuca' in Gracanica would be his last.

A few hours later, she was allegedly killed by gunfire by the now-arrested Granit Plava. The latter allegedly fired the gun towards Liridona at the bespoke of Naim, who allegedly paid 30 thousand euros to deprive his wife of life.

The newspaper Signal published footage from the critical night at the restaurant where the Murseli family were dining.

According to the footage, it is seen that they enter the restaurant and sit down to continue on with the dinner.

The same restaurant also appears in the murder suspect of Liridona, Granit Plava.

Footage shows Plava entering the restaurant where the Murseli family were dining shortly after them and camouflufled with a hat on his head.

After their party ended, Naim and Liridona and the children left in their car, until they reached dalip Alshiqi Street, where they allegedly ambushed armed robbers, which was actually Plava, who allegedly shot Liridona from near the neck.

The dinner before the tragedy was mentioned by the father of the deceased, Hajdar Ademaj, who stated that before leaving for Pristina, Liridona had stayed to visit her family in Gjakova.

Ademaj said that Liridona had informed him that he and Naimin would go to eat bread in Gracanica.