The last moments of Liridonë, in the restaurant with Naim Mursel moments before the macabre murder

2023-12-09 21:01:56Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Views from the restaurant where Naim Murseli and Liridona Ademaj dined, moments before the murder

The latest cctv footage has been released, where Liridona Ademaj is last seen alive.

The footage is from the cameras of the restaurant where Naim Murseli and Liridona dined, moments before she was killed in an event that, as it would be revealed, would shock the entire public in Kosovo, Albania and beyond.

It is suspected that the perpetrator of the granit plava murder was also in the premises of the restaurant.

If the authorities are to prove true, what is known so far, Naim Murseli invited his wife, the mother of two children to the last dinner, knowing that moments after, she would be shot dead by a man paid by him in an event attempted to hide as a robbery.

The reasons why Naim Mursel allegedly commissioned his wife's murder still remain unclear.