The car collides with the truck in Croatia, four Albanians are fighting for their lives!

2023-11-29 13:41:10Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The accident in Croatia

Four Albanians are fighting for their lives after being involved in an accident this Wednesday in Croatia.

A "Volkswagen Caddy" type vehicle driven by a 22-year-old Albanian collided with a truck driven by a Bosnian citizen.

The serious incident happened in the city Lynx 4. The two drivers and four passengers of the "Volkswagen" were seriously injured and were urgently sent to the Clinical Hospital Center in Zagreb and Dubrava Hospital. In addition to the driver of the car, three passengers were also Albanians. According to the media, it is about three men aged 41, 43 and 45.

According to the first suspicions, the speed, the bad weather, but also the condition of the vehicles could be the factors that caused the accident. However, expertise is expected from the investigative team at the scene.