Alma Kaçi remains under "house arrest", the Supreme Court rejects her appeal

2023-11-29 11:17:16Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Alma Kaçi and Safet Gjici

The Supreme Court has rejected the appeal made by the citizen Alma Kaçi for changing the measure of "House Arrest" with a milder security measure.

The decision of the Supreme Court comes a few days after SPAK closed the investigations regarding the mayor of Kukës Safet Gjici and took him to court.

Kaçi is charged by the Special Prosecutor's Office with the charge of "Active Corruption", while Mayor Safet Gjici was charged with "Passive Corruption".

According to the SPAK, at the end of the investigations of this criminal proceeding, evidence and data were obtained from the analysis of which it was found that the defendant Alma Kaçi is the person who offered irregular benefits to the defendant Safet Gjici, acting as the Mayor of Kuka Municipality. .

In SPAK's file, it is noted that the latter, after receiving irregular benefits from her, in the form of sexual favors, promised to help her with her dog protection project and to present it further at the meeting of the Municipal Council of Kuka Municipality.