They returned to the terror of the residents, 8 Albanian THIEVES are arrested in Spain (NAME+PHOTO)

2023-11-29 11:58:56Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

A criminal group of Albanians who committed robberies was destroyed in Malaga, Spain on Tuesday afternoon, November 28, where 8 people were arrested, after they had returned in cooperation with each other to the horror of the residents.

The Spanish authorities managed to prove a total of 18 home robberies by the same group. According to the TV report, they are Marjan Ndoj, 28 years old, Anton Nikolli, 31 years old, Anton Kola, 32 years old, Romario Balliu, 30 years old, Gerald Hoxha, 25 years old, Taulant Kolaj, 28 years old, Mikael Lazi, 27 years old, and Arben Lazri, 51 years old.

The theft of homes by Albanians had become such a problem that the residents of Puerto de la Torre were organized to patrol and protect the area.

Two of the members of the group were previously arrested, while on Tuesday 6 of them ended up in handcuffs. 

Inside the premises where the police intervened, 1 simulation pistol, 10,000 euros in CASH, tools to carry out attacks, a bag with reagents used to check if jewelry is made of gold, a collection of coins and stamps, clothing used during robberies, were seized. 2 vehicles, documents and hashish.

After dozens of complaints, agents gathered evidence that linked the incidents to the same perpetrators. In one of the areas where the group operated, residents equipped with flashlights and thermal cameras have been organizing nightly patrols on the streets for several weeks to guard against robbers.

They sent a letter to the National Police and Malaga City Council to request a police presence. The investigations started allowed the agents to gather a series of evidence that led them to a house where the Albanians were hiding and they were arrested.

The found jewelry, some of them have already been identified by the legal owners, while for the others, according to the National Police, the investigation into their origin continues. The investigation remains open and the agents do not rule out that the arrested are also involved in other events of the same nature.