Accused as part of the "5D" file / Director of Tirana Municipality, Enton Punavija appears in SPAK

2024-04-25 16:20:06Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Enton Punavija is presented at SPAK

The director of the Directorate of Transport and Road Traffic in the Municipality of Tirana, Enton Punavia, appeared today at the Special Prosecutor's Office.

For Enton Punavia, the security measure "obligation to appear" has been set, as an accused included in the 5D file.

GJKKO signed 9 arrest warrants for other former officials of the Municipality of Tirana and businessmen, who are accused of the criminal offenses "Violation of the equality of participation in tenders" and "Passive corruption of persons exercising public functions".


Mariglen Qato

Redi Molla

Taulan Tusha

Obligatory presentation:

Eglantina Zere

Enton Punavia

Deborah Keçi

Nestor Muhametllari

Julian Zanaj

Albano Janku