EVIDENCE: When "Noizy" beat Klevioli, Laerti's sister's mother was worried. They told him that Klevio was in pain, and then he ordered the tritol to be given to him

2023-12-08 16:03:57Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Noizy / Laert Haxhiu / Klevio

Among the many crimes ordered by Laert Haxhiu, is the placement of a quantity of tritol in the boutique of Rigels Rajkut, which is widely known in Albania with the nickname "Noizy".

Through Tafani's testimony, "Ora News" has learned that this event was recorded on June 8, 2022 in the city of Durrës, and according to the prosecutor's associate Artan Tafani, the plan to commit this crime was initiated after a phone call received by Laert Haxhiu by his mother, Florije Haxhiu and sister, Klea Haxhiu.

As the penitent says, Laerti was influenced by his mother and sister, who during the phone call expressed their concern that in the footage shown on "Tik-Tok", Kleviol Ahmeti was very hurt when he was beaten by his group of friends. "Noizy".

"...when a video appeared on "Tik-Tok" that they had beaten Kleviol Ahmeti (Serbian) who is from Lushnja, Laerti was called by his mother and sister and they told him that Klevio had been very hurt, that they had beaten him in that way..." - Artan Tafani told the investigators.

According to Tafani's confession, during this conversation with his mother and sister, Laerti was taken by the sedra and ordered me and Luli to harm "Noizy" on the pretext that the beating he had done to Klevio had disturbed Laerti's family.

"...at that time I was staying with Laerti and Lulzim Arapi at "Green City" in Tirana. For this reason, Luli and I, with Laerti's order, have taken it upon ourselves to do it as a job. We had tritol from a quantity of tritol, which I had received from citizen Erisjano Abedini alias "Cano", and for this event we used nearly 1 kilogram of tritol. I went with Luli to Durrës after midnight and we were in my Benz vehicle with license plate AA331EB, but that night I had put other stolen license plates that I don't remember exactly. Tritol and wick I prepared at home. When we arrived in Durrës, I parked the car at a turn not far from the boutique where I was going to bring the explosives. I made the wick a little longer. I turned it on and heard the explosion after getting into the car and heading towards Tirana. From there, together with Lulin, I went to Tirana to "Green City" where we lived..." - said Artan Tafani.

After this event, Laert Haxhiu thanked his two friends, as he felt fulfilled for a revenge he carried out on "Noizy", who, according to him, had disturbed his mother and sister by beating Klevio.