NAMES/ Tragedy in the Albanian FAMILY in Italy, the 22-year-old loses his LIFE in the same place where his brother died!

2023-12-08 11:33:01Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

A tragic accident happened in Italy, where two young Albanians and an Italian girl lost their lives.

Altin Hoti , Giulia and Egli Gjeci were in the same car where they lost their lives in the fatal accident yesterday evening in Portogruaro, in the province of Venice, in the Borgo Sant'Agnese area.

In the same year, the Hoti family suffered another tragedy, where Altini's brother lost his life in an accident.

The tragedy of the Hoti family

The same Hoti family, originally from Kosovo, had already experienced the loss of a son, Admir, 19 years old, who died last May in a road accident in Portogruaro.

He had died from the crash of the car he was driving, his father was by his side. The horrific crash happened at the ring in Portogruaro in Italy. 

Everything happened around 20:00 on the evening of May 10, 2023, on the stretch of the Mattei ring that leads from the Alpini roundabout to Noiari./Taken from the Italian media , adapted by VoxNews