Rudina Dembacaj is sentenced to prison!

2023-12-08 08:01:24Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Actress Rudina Dembacaj was sentenced by the Court of Appeal to 6 months in prison, which was converted into 80 hours of probation. 

The VOICE has discovered that her sentence has been commuted since the Court, due to the low risk and the sentence of less than 1 year in prison, can serve her sentence outside. Dembacaj was convicted after being criminally charged by her ex-husband Aleksandër Varfaj, after he had taken their daughter out of the country by falsifying the power of attorney. The power of attorney, which should have been signed by the girl's father, was forged, so the daughter went out of the country, without her father's knowledge. The "crime" was committed in collaboration with the notary Ermal Hamzaj, but the latter escaped punishment.

The VOICE has secured Mr. VARFAJ's full report to the High Inspectorate of Justice for Judge Marinela Osmani, for not taking actions to fully clarify the violation:

"I am addressing you with this complaint about Judge Marinela Osmani, who in the process where I reported my ex-wife Rudina Dembacaj for forging power of attorney in cooperation with the notary in 2 different power of attorney. The criminal offense has been fully consumed and has been accepted by the defendant herself and her lawyer at the hearing. From our side, 2 documents from the border and migration directorate were submitted, in which it was proved that 2 forged powers of attorney were used to move the minor girl and her mother out of the territory of RS without my knowledge and approval. The prosecution body in the Court has been informed and we have mentioned this in the Court that the investigations were not exhaustive as we claimed that the prosecution avoided the investigation by only relying on one of the forged notarial statements used to pass the child outside the territory of RSH and the answer was that you had done all the investigations and that it was no longer necessary to do additional investigations. So, dear court, in this process, the investigation procedures were ignored by the prosecutor's office and the judge. So none of my claims as a victim of a criminal offense was taken into consideration in the final discussions in we did not agree with what we quoted you above, we also do not agree with the decision given by the court of first instance for the arguments and the allegations presented above, the judge knowingly and privileging her own position did not accept and did not appreciate that the defendant was taken and the notary Ermal Hamzaj who repeatedly drafted and forged 2 times in 2 different notarial statements , this deprived of the statements that were recorded in the Tims system, where they have become part of the court file."

The sentence imposed by the Court on the well-known actress.

1. The guilty declaration of the defendant Rudina Dembacaj for committing the crime of "forgery of documents", provided for by Article 186/2 of the Criminal Code of this article, her sentence of 9 months imprisonment
2. Pursuant to Article 406/1 of Criminal Procedure Code, the measure of punishment, ultimately sentencing the defendant Rudina dembacaj to 6 months in prison.
3. Pursuant to Article 63 of the Criminal Code, it is ordered to suspend the execution of the prison sentence and replace the prison sentence, to perform a work in the public interest of 80 hours.

The couple got married in 2016 and from their love they gave birth to a daughter. But they broke up 3 years later, and currently the actress has started a new romance. She tied the knot with the former deputy of the Socialist Party, Mark Frroku/